Bonjour Jolie TOM Box June 2016

Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month box that sends you your necessary items plus some other products to make you feel a little better during that special time.  You give them some information about your period and then select the 25 items you need in any variation of pads, liners or tampons.  They have a wide selection of brands, so no matter what you use they can cover you. They also include a gift, bath and body items, teas and drinks, candy and snacks, some wipes and if you want, some Advil.  Boxes shipped to Canada are $24.50 a month but do decrease somewhat if you order in 3 or 6 month plans.  You can also add on some extras like heating pads or more Advil for additional costs.  I haven’t received this subscription in a while and decided to give it another go since I had enjoyed it so much the first time around.  Unfortunately it has been nothing but a problem since.  I subscribed in March and this is the first box I’ve actually got.  I have been in constant contact with them and am trying to resolve all the issues and have not had much success.

20160704_161812 20160704_161826

The theme this month is Viva Mexico! This box is so wonderfully curated and full that I am so disappointed with the service.   I really do like this box and I am so so sad that I am getting nowhere.


Here’s a look at everything that was inside.  They pack it all up in cute little pouches and you get more presents as you open each one.


Mexican Howelite Carved Turtle Bracelet-$7.99

The gift this month is this super cute bracelet.  It is colourful and heavier than it looks.  It is elasticized and would fit most wrists.  This will get worn.

20160704_162019 20160704_162042 20160704_162101

Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad-$16.00, Bath & Body Works Lotion & Shower Gel-$2.50, Advil and Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths

The Pampering items this month are nice.  The eyeshadow is Madrid and is a collection of bronzes.  I think it’s great and I’m excited about it.  The  toiletries are White Citrus scented and while I’ve never smelled it before, I enjoy it.  It is just slightly floral but not in a feminine way.  I’m going to search out more of this for sure!  They also include a few Advils and wipes to get you through.

20160704_162149 20160704_162250 20160704_162227 20160704_162211

They include an assortment of edible items to cover most cravings you might have.  The special theme items this month are Takis Feugos Chips($1), which I won’t eat because of the flavour.  I don’t crave spicy at any time.  Chupa Chups Lollipops ($1), in cola, cherry, and chocolate vanilla.  Klass Drink Mixes ($3), in some odd flavours such as mango, rice and cinnamon, and hibiscus. The other items are Bauducco Chocolate Wafers, Ghiradelli Spicy Dark Chocolates, and an assortment of Jolly Rancher Hard Candies.


The actual reason for this box is pictured here.  As I mentioned you get to pick what you prefer and as long as you equal 25 you’re set.

I am glad to actually get one of their boxes again and it was as good as the rest.  I enjoy discovering the  couple of things besides the feminine items.  The extras are worth $31.49, which means this month is over the amount I paid.  No one is buying this box for the value though.  With a coupon and a trip to the grocery store I can get more products for less but the little helpers are a way to not have to think about the reason for the box.  It’s also one less thing to remember to buy if you have them delivered


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