White Willow June 2016

White Willow is a monthly lifestyle box that sends out surprise items from beauty, fashion, home, culinary, or all around lifestyle themes.  They ship out four to five items and are a Canadian company.  That makes me so happy I was okay paying slightly more than I normally would for a box.  They promise a value of $70, so let’s hope they meet that.  Subscriptions start at $35 a month but do go down a bit with longer plans.  Shipping to here is $8.50/month.

20160608_182406 20160608_182425

They ship in a plain outer box but the main box is beautiful.  The whole package is carefully presented and so nicely  done that you really feel like you are getting a gift.


Peeling back the paper you can start to see a few of this months items.

20160608_182453 20160608_182501

Their info card is just as well done as everything else.  It give you a little about each item and prices in Canadian!


16oz Flip-Top Define Bottle-$30.00

This is the tallest water bottle I’ve ever seen.  The bottom half can be used for infusing your water with fruit or other such things.   It is BPA free and the bottom piece is freezable to keep everything nice and cool.  It was actually designed by a teen entrepreneur.

20160608_182547 20160608_182552

Cake Shaped Towel by Cotture Towel-$16.00

It seems like maybe there were a few different types of cakes sent out.  I haven’t got a clue what one I ended up with but it’s cute.  The girls will love using it and I like the novelty of it.


Foxy’s Gourmet Savory Dips in Pesto-$9.00

This is a dry mix that you add to sour cream, fresh herbs, and parmesan cheese.  You can dip breads, vegetables, or even put it on grilled meats.  This is something nice to have on hand for entertaining or maybe a special date night.


Eyes by ToGoSpa Ice Water Collagen Gel Pads-$17.00

I’ve received these before and like them.  You can even get a subscription of these if you really, really like them.  They are very puffy feeling and I enjoy using them.  They will join my small stash of masks and such to be used in turn.

20160608_182622 (1)

100% Natural Certified Organic Syrup by Steeves Maples-Bonus Item

This is included as a gift from Culinary Team Canada.  They will be on their way to Germany to compete in October.  I almost never have pure maple syrup in the house because it’s just too expensive so this will be a lovely treat.  There isn’t much that is more delicious or Canadian than this.

My third box leaves me just as impressed as my first two boxes from White Willow. The value is $72.00 plus the maple syrup.  This month had items more to my personal tastes than last month. As a result,  I like everything in it and will gladly try it all out.  Sometimes you find things you can no longer live without and sometimes not so much.  I am always happy to find a Canadian box and this one is a good one! If you want to try them out click here.

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