Game Box Monthly June 2016

Game Box Monthly is a subscription box that sends you out a new tabletop board or card game every month.  They say they will ask you about your preferences and what you already own so they can not send you duplicates but that did not happen with me.  I did find the spot later on their website though.   Boxes start at $25.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping is $10.00 a month, which is more than I would normally want to pay but I signed up for this one when they had a great deal on (50% off) and that balanced out everything so I went for it.  I love playing games and though it’s been a struggle to do with the kids being little and needy right now I’m hoping to get back into it soon.


This one comes in a plain brown box with the logo on a sticker in the corner.  The boxes seem to vary depending on the size of the game each month.

20160629_165626 20160629_165636

16mm Acrylic Polyhedral Dice Set-$8.49

This is the combo attack blue/white w/gold numbers set.  It has most die that you could want or need for gaming.  I like the colour but rarely play any game that requires anything but a standard die.  These are good to have around though.



Wakanda is a 2 person game for ages 8 and up.  You are trying to build the best totem pole based on village tiles.  This is not a game I have ever heard of but I think it might be fun.  It’s a quick game, only 15 minutes.  In a change from last month they also included a card detailing the game and what the objective is.


The month had a value of $23.48, which again, if I’d have paid full price for the box would have not covered everything with shipping.  Thankfully I got that deal. I changed my preferences on the site to be more board game heavy instead of card game but I think that was after this was shipped so we’ll see if it makes a difference for next month.   Now if I can just convince Hubby to play with me we’ll be all set.


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