L.V.Kiki June 2016

L.V.Kiki is a monthly subscription box of 4-6 fashion accessories.  You can either sign up for the plans or if you want to see what type of things they send out you can order a one off trial box.  The boxes may include jewelry, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, legwear, belts, and hair accessories. Boxes start at $19.00 per month and shipping to here was less than $1.00 per month.  I was in the market for an accessories box and after finding a discount code for this one I got it at a great price. Shipping was super quick and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.


The shipping box this came in this month is huge.  I couldn’t think what would require so much space but it turns out the box was mostly air.

20160610_200727 20160610_200735

They did throw a card in there but it just wants you to enjoy your box and remember to share it.

20160610_200758 20160610_200821 20160610_200901

Here’s the parcel out the box, unwrapped, and laid out.  It’s so full of treasures!!!!!


First up is this cute little trinket plate.  It does remind you not to use it for food but I don’t think anyone would make that mistake.  I love the saying and this will end up on my dresser for rings and things.


This is a bandana-style headband.  It feels slightly loose on y head but maybe if my hair was down it would fit better.  This is a style I really like so I hope I can either make it work or tighten it up.


Two cards of earrings are getting me five pairs.  These are all small stud types and the ones on the left are silver while the right are gold coloured.  These are all something I would wear and since I have two piercings I am usually looking for smaller tyles to wear in the second ones.


OMG  I love this necklace! The double bars are fabulous and the sparkle in the upper one is just yes.  I’m so happy right now.


This is a set of three rings.  Two of them are very small, which is okay for me as I have thin fingers but I can’t see them fitting most people even as pinky rings.  The last one is a gold toned band that seems to be about a size 7 so more of a standard.  The one with the “diamond” probably will go to the girls but I will wear the other two.

20160610_201410 20160610_201610

Is this not the most ridiculous glasses case you have ever seen??? Or possibly the most pimp.  It is gold glitter covered in pink fishnet.  It is also big enough for more than one pair of glasses.  Inside was a pair of aviator shades.  They have pink accents and are not a pair I would ever pick out for myself.  I have received a few pairs of sunglasses this summer so far and these are a close second for best pair.

20160610_201642 20160610_201655

Lastly is a large tote.  It is black pleather and has booth shoulder straps and a large single strap.  The inside has a really good dragonfly print that I enjoy.  There are no pockets or zippers inside but as I’ve been in the market for a new purse this might just fit the bill.

All of the items come with the L.V.Kiki brand tags on them so I cannot find pricing. I got a whole crapload of items and the only thing I may not use is one of the rings.   It almost seems like a steal at the prices I paid.  If the rest of my boxes are as good as this one was for me I will be more than happy.  I think this will be one of those boxes that was a great find!


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