Fanspirations May 2016

Fanspirations is a monthly delivery of products and presents based off pretty much any fandom you might be a part of.  You can even change which fandom you want to receive every month if you want to.  They offer three sizes of box depending on how much of your fandom you want to receive each month.  The Perfect Deal is $13.00 and gives you 2-4 items, Favourite Deal is $30.00 and includes 5-7 items, and Best Deal is $50.00 and sends 8-11 items.  There are 11 open fandoms right now but the whole collection has 14.  You can choose from 4 plan lengths with a slight price break for longer plans.  This one did take a little while to get to me but now that it’s here let’s see what I can fangirl out with.  My plan right now is Whovian and I just went with the Perfect Deal.

20160621_202750 20160621_202826

The box has a bog logo sticker on the top to let you know what you’re getting.  The box was quite light and looked empty-ish when I opened it up.  I knew that this box was going to be all about the Eleventh Doctor so  there were no surprises there.


First out was a clear vinyl sticker which is now living on the lid of my laptop.  It is River Song’s way of greeting the Doctor  and features the Fez that was just awesome.


BBC DW Fez Necklace-$8.50

To continue with the fez we have an officially licensed necklace with both the fez and the bow tie worn by the Doctor.  This is cute and a small way to show your love without non-fans thinking you’re insane.


Funko POP Eleventh Doctor Vinyl Figure-$9.95

He’s so cute!!!!  Eleven is one of my favourite Doctors and this little guy has his Sonic Screwdriver in his hand.  This more than makes the box for me.  I am unbelievably happy to have this n my hands.  Pure fandom joy happening right now!

Knowing ahead of time that the Whovian box was going to be about the Eleventh Doctor made switching to a new Fandom very easy. There  is a value this month of $18.45.  I’m not sure yet if I’m going to switch or stay with this Fandom but it is very easy to change it up so that’s great.  I love that you get to choose and not just hope like hell they don’t pick something you can’t stand, which is a chance you take with some other boxes.

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