Uniquely You June 2016

Uniquely You is a subscription box with a difference from the normal ones.  They tailor each box to you personally so each one is different from the next.  When you sign up they have 20 categories you can choose from to base your box on.  They also send you a little quiz after to get to know you better filled with some serious and some frivolous questions.  I chose the Mystery Box category and after filling in my quiz they responded and asked if there were any of the categories I did not have any interest in. I told them that Festivals & Party Supplies, Men’s Fashion Accessories, Cats, and Smoking Accessories were not to my interest and they said nothing from those would be sent.  Boxes are $29.99 a month but go down a lot if you choose a longer term.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars and the box is based out of British Columbia.


It was a really tiny box this month.  That could go both ways.  The tissue paper was really pretty though.  There has not been an info sheet or card for a while so everything in here is just a wild guess.


Hmmm…..this isn’t looking so great off the hop.


This belt is horrible.  Okay well maybe not horrible but very much not something I would ever wear.  Also it is too small for me.  No where in signing up did they ever get sizes so this seems  like a bit of a gamble anyways.   Into the donation pile this goes immediately.


Next out of the box was a terra cotta planter and saucer and a small vial of mixed Zinnia seeds.  So random and odd but not the first time they have send plantables.  Last time though they sent dirt and everything.


A block of something……this was wrapped up in bubble wrap with no label or tag or anything.  It doesn’t really have a smell to it.  After going with a hunch, it turns out it’s soap.  It doesn’t smell very nice lathered up though.  I have no clue where or who made this or if it really is soap but that’s the best I can do.


Well at least there is something that I kinda like in here.  These are a seashell necklace and matching earrings.  They are a silver plated, slightly antiqued looking set.  They will be fine to wear with casual things this summer.

So I have been really happy with this box, right up to now.  This feels like they forgot they were sending out boxes this month and just tossed a bunch of things they had laying around in.  They usually have a bit of a theme and that wasn’t there and the stuff wasn’t marked in any way.  I’m hoping they go back to the standard they have been at next month.



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