LaRitzy LaMini May 2016

LaRitzy is a monthly box of vegan beauty items.  They select surprise items and send them along to you to try.  They offer two box sizes, La Ritzy, which gives you 4-5 full and luxury sized items, and LaMini, which is 2-3 items.  Boxes start at $24.99 and $14.99 respectively, but they do give a discount on longer term plans.  Shipping is free for the US, $5.00 for Canada, and $10.00 Internationally.  I am not vegan but I was looking for a reasonably priced makeup box and this one fits that so the fact that they items are vegan doesn’t matter to me.  Let’s see what the box brings.


This post is a little late but it’s not my fault.  They had some issues getting their box supply and so they shipped out late.  The new box looks lovely and I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

20160623_181413 20160623_181423

Opening the lid we find the info card completely blocking everything.  Removing that we find my three products.  Looks interesting.

20160623_181437 20160623_181445

There were two cards in the box this month.  On the left is the info card.  It tells you about the reason things were picked, a bit about each item included, and the value of them.  The other card is from one of the brands and gives you a discount off more of their product.


MannaKadar Bronzer & Highlighter Split Pan-$21.00

Bronzer is one of those things I never really got the hang of.  I want to use it but I think I end up looking weirdly orange.  You can swirl these together it says to give you a great glow.  They definitely do have a lot of shimmer once you put it on, so that makes me wary.  I might try to make this more of a blush than a bronzer.


Josie & Hue The White Clay Mask-$22.00

This mask is a nourishing mask that promises to clean, tone, and smooth your skin.  It recommends you use it 1-2 times a week.  You mix it with enough water to make a paste and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.  These type of clay masks have such a great tightening feeling when you have them on, I love it!


Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Eyeshadow in Bandit-$9.00

This is a dusty rose coloured shadow which sounds horrible but it is nice.  Obviously since it’s matte it has no shimmer, which tends to be my go to look but this will be a good change and allow me to focus on a liner that has more impact.


Well it was a wait but my second box was great.  All of the item seem to be full sized, which is nice, and while the bronzer is not my personal favourite thing to use, I still like the whole box.  The value this month is $52.00, which is huge.  I’m almost wishing I’d gone for the full size box now.

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