Wee Quilt Kits Block Of The Month June 2016

Wee Quilt Kits is a monthly subscription offering quilting supplies and material.  They are a Canadian company, which I love finding.  They have four different plans to choose from, Fat Quarter, Block, Mini, and Wee Quilt of the Month.  Plans start at $8.00 a month for the Fat Quarter and go up to $50.00 for the most expensive.  Shipping is free.  Items included vary with the plan you choose but do give you things you need or want if you’re quilting.  This was another one I picked up with a discount and I went with the Block of the Month.  I am a beginner quilter and thought this would be an easy way to get a few blocks and instructions on how to piece them together to build up my skills.  Let’s see what the first month for me is.


This one ships in an envelope and when it arrived I had a horrible thought that it was only the pattern and I would need to source material.  Thankfully I was wrong.

20160615_204158 20160615_204212

There is no name on this block but it is a basic standard block that you see quite a bit.  The finished block will be 9″x9″ and the instructions are simple and accented with images to help you out.


The fabric is nicely matched.  While it is stripped for me already I still need to cut it into squares to begin stitching.  I’m a little surprised that I don’t need to cut triangles, which is what I’m used to doing.  This pattern says to just mark the diagonal and sti, cutting the excess after.  That seems way easier than the other way.

I love doing crafts and sewing has always been my first method.  I learnt at an early age and while I do go for other types this is my fall back.  My mother is a super quilter and that’s why I have some experience with it but most patterns and books are above my skill level.  This subscription is an easy way to get more proficiant and end up with a whole quilt at the end.  They have a special on right now, just type “QUILTLOVE” in the discount field and get 30% off!


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