Loves It Newfoundland Subscription Box May 2016

Loves It is a box of Newfoundland sourced, hand crafted, home made items.  They are proudly sending out boxes of items they purchase from those local suppliers so that they can show off the greatness of their artists, crafters, and businesses.  They offer both a Standard or a Premium box and monthly or quarterly subscriptions.  Boxes start at $35.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  There will be 4-7 items per box and they say they will range in value from $40-$75.  I am always on the lookout for Canadian boxes and so while I’m not from Newfoundland nor have I ever been there I was still interested in this box.

20160530_183709 20160530_183735

This box always comes with a warning to be careful about opening it and once you do carefully get in there you can see why.  There is usually a print or something easily damaged right on the top.  I really wish that they would include an info card in this box because I have a hard time figuring out what I got and how much it costs.


Dark Tickle Iceberg Chocolates-56g $7.95

These are wild blueberries in milk chocolate and shaped like icebergs.  They are delicious and after browsing their site there are so many  things on there I want to eat.  I’m all for getting food in boxes and Canadian food is even better.


Indigena Skincare Partridgeberry Lip Balm-$4.99

I have had a massive slow down on getting lip balms lately so I’m happy to get this one.  It says it will be hydrating and soothing as well as anti-aging.  It feels nice on and I’m sure it’ll leave my lips lovely.


Indigena Moisture Melt-40mL $24.00

So this is crazy expensive for a lotion. It is also crazy greasy.  It is made up of a blend of coconut, grapeseed and partridgeberry oils and a few other things thrown in and you can tell it’s all oil.  I’m sure it will be great for adding moisture and healing the skin but even typing now is a problem.  There is no way you could rub this on and do anything for a while.

20160530_184006 20160530_184050

Gaze Seed Company Sample Bag-$9.00

This is an odd but great addition to the box.  They sent a variety of seeds plus soil pods to start them in.  I’ve already planted the little garden I’ll have this year but I can grow the herbs for sure and maybe a few of the others.  The company has been around since 1925 and still going strong.

20160530_184143 20160530_184155

Newfoundland Provincial Anthem Print-$12.00

I enjoy the prints that they have been sending out in this box.  This one might be more difficult to display because I would have to explain that I have no connection to NL at all and that might be weird.  Still cool though.

This was my third box from Loves It and I still never have any clue what to expect to be in it besides it all being from Newfoundland.  There is a good mix of products and it was all full sized so can’t complain about that.  The value this month is $57.94, which is way better than last month.  They finally also reached the promised value, which is nice.  If you want to check them out click here to go to their site.



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