Game Box Monthly May 2016

Game Box Monthly is a subscription box that sends you out a new tabletop board or card game every month.  They say they will ask you about your preferences and what you already own so they can not send you duplicates but that did not happen with me.  Boxes start at $25.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping is $10.00 a month, which is more than I would normally want to pay but I signed up for this one when they had a great deal on (50% off) and that balanced out everything so I went for it.  I love playing games and though it’s been a struggle to do with the kids being little and needy right now I’m hoping to get back into it soon.


The box had the game, a small something tucked beside and that’s it.  There was no info sheet or welcome note or anything to make me think it wasn’t packed by a robot.

20160602_182935 20160602_182946

Jeff Siadek’s Desert Island-$22.77

This is a character card game that seems to be a sequel to one called Lifeboat.  It is standalone though, so that’s good.  The premise is that you are shipwrecked with a motley group of friends and enemies.  You need to collect items and defend your part of the beach, staying alive long enough to be rescued by a passing ship.  The game should take about an hour, is for 4-6 players, and ages 13 and up.  I like card games like this and since alcohol has on occasion been involved they can get crazy.


Box Band-Its-$4.99

I had to go finding these on the website but now that I know what they are, I think they are genius!  There are three different sizes in there and you stretch them around game boxes that might pop open.  It’s brilliant and the fact that it ha taken me this long to discover them just means I need to have more.

The month had a value of $27.76, which if I’d have paid full price for the box would have not covered everything with shipping.  Thankfully I got that deal.  I would hope to see a board game next time but we’ll have to wait.  Now if I can just convince Hubby to play with me we’ll be all set.

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