Eternally In Amber Box May 2016

Eternally In Amber is a bi-monthly box that sends out hair accessories.  They promise the items to be both high quality and on trend.  They also have an online shop where you can grab items or add items into your box to save on shipping fees.  They have two box options, Basic, which has 2-3 items and Deluxe, which is 4-5.  They start at $15.00 a month and shipping for me was $4.00, which is really fair I think.  This is the first hair accessories boxes I have found and since I’m always looking for new things not only for myself but for Bug too I decided to give it a go.


Everything shipped in a smaller box with the logo sticker on the front.  I got a bit of a shock when this was delivered.  They had put the total subscription value as the declared value and I got slammed by Customs for it.  After paying more in fees than the whole box cost I was not happy at all.


Inside was a personalized note stuck to the lid and a bunch of tissue paper covering whatever was in there.

20160603_142536 20160603_142540

It was easier to take two pictures than to try to get the whole note at once.  On the left is a note from the owner letting everyone know that the theme this box is Forever Summer, and that it includes all you need to handle summer hair.  The right side lists the items included and their prices.  It also says everything in this month is box exclusive.

20160603_142601 20160603_142607

Pink Curved Banana Clip-$12.00

So when I think of a banana clip this is not even close to what I imagine.  This is a large barrette with a pink pearl finish.  I have lots of hair but it’s thin so it might all fit in here.  They recommend using this to make a pony tail but I don’t know how well it would stay without slipping.


Silver & Gold Metallic Long Bobby Pin-$7.00 each

These I really like.  They are very big and very tight and hold my hair well.  You can’t really tell from the picture but they are metallic and shimmer in the light.  I don’t know that I would ever pay $7 for one of these but I guess that’s why this box is handy.


Tortoise Shell Multi-Purpose Pocket Comb-$10.00

This combines a wide tooth comb, styling comb, and pick in one that you can toss in your bag and have handy to keep you looking great.  The only thing that makes me a little wary of this is that it is very bendy and I keep thinking it might break if I hit a snag and pull hard.  At the very least I can use this on Bug after baths when her long hair is knotty and I need to not pull too much.

20160603_142640 20160603_142654

Emergency Hair Accessory Kit-Bonus

This is a fun addition to the box.  If you have hair at all you know that finding an elastic or bobby pin when you need one is impossible.  There is both a blue and black tie and pin.

The box this time has a value of $36.00.  That is great for what you paid but I know that there is no way I would ever pay these prices for any of these items.  They are good quality and I will get lots of use from them.  I went with the Deluxe box so getting 3 items and a bonus is not what I expected.  I reached out to them after getting the Customs fee, just to make them aware that they need to be a little more accurate in labeling the forms.  I have received a response and they apologized for it and have offered me a store credit to use in the shop to make up for it, which is great.  There was a few days in getting that response but I can’t fault their customer service.


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