The Fan Empire June 2016

The Fan Empire is a monthly subscription that sends you out 4-6 peices of fandom merchandise.  Items can be anything from posters to t-shirts and are based around a different theme each month.  Previous fandoms include The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  Boxes start at $14.95 a month but do go down a little with a longer plan.  Shipping to Canada was $5.50.  I am always wary of the fandom boxes because if you get a month that is not one of yours then it can feel like a waste.  Let’s see how we get on with this one.


They show on their site that they have a branded box but I ended up with a purple bubble mailer.  Doesn’t matter much as long as everything arrives.


Everything I found inside.  I knew it was going to be Harry Potter themed because they had sent out an email asking for my house preference.  I am a Gryffindor!  The card you see is also included as an item in the box.  It is listed as a Splatter Paint Hogwarts Print.  I don’t know that you should consider your info card as anything, even though I think the artwork is great.  As you can see mine is quite bent up from shipping so it would be noticable even framed.


As you can see from the card the theme this month is Hogwarts House Pride.  This card also lets me know what I received and just a little about each of those things.


Hogwarts Tie Replica

I very rarely wear ties anymore but kinda wish I did so I could toss this on. It is well made and long enough to be worn by an adult, and still reach a proper length.  Great start to the box.


House Coloured Beanie

This also makes me happy.  I know from the tag it looks like licensed merchandise but once you open that tag you realise it’s  all in Chinese.  No part of that matters to me in the least.  This hat is just big enough to fit me so anyone with a large head might be out of luck.


Charm Key-chain

This is a very cute keyring.  It has the house colours, a lion, a book, a G, and a scarf as charms.  I really like it and will have to take one of my larger rings off my keys to make a place for this.

20160630_210411 20160630_210420

Hogwarts Crest Ring

This is an adjustable ring featuring all four house animals and the H in the center.  It has filagree sides and a glass bubble looking top.


Hogwarts Crest Magnet

I also like this magnet.  It has all four house colours and the main Hogwarts crest in the center.  It is slightly bent from shipping but that will go back to normal as it sticks to my fridge for a while.

This was my first box (bag?) from The Fan Empire and I am happy with it.  It helps that it is one of my Fandoms and that I got to pick the house so all the items are ones I would want.  I didn’t do a value for this box but feel that it covered the box cost for sure, at least to me.  I am not sure if the print is always just the info card or not but that would be my one complaint.  Next month’s theme is “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To NO Good!” so it looks like we will be going back to Hogwarts!

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