Foot Cardigan May 2016

Foot Cardigan is a monthly delivery of socks.  They are $9.00 a month with shipping being an additional $2.00 per pair.  They offer a men’s or women’s plan though if the socks are really cool they might ship out the same for both sexes.  You can pay by the month or you can purchase a longer plan up front.  If you really want to feel special or if you’re buying a subscription for someone else you can also add gift wrapping for $2.00 a month.  If you go with the year subscription you get one month free.  If you want more then one pair a month you can add on plans and they will send you different pairs of socks.  They also offer a kids sock plan that sends out 2 pairs a month.


They are still sending them out in this fun bag envelope.


My socks this month are called Granny Smith and I love them.  They are super fun and one of the cutest pairs I have received from them.  I like that they look like you ate the middle of the apple and this is your remaining core.

20160603_142300 20160603_142309

There were a few other items tucked in my bag this time too.  One is a cork coaster.  I almost never use coasters because I don’t have an appropriate table requiring them, however I think it’s useful and fun.  There is also a card letting me know this was my last package from them and if I wanted to resubscribe there is a discount code on the back.

I wear the socks I’ve been getting from them all the time.  Even if I have other pairs(and I have tons) I still pick out the Foot Cardigan ones because they are so fun and comfortable.  I know socks might seem like just one of those afterthoughts but I really do prefer fun socks.  I have socks for most holidays and occasions so I think this will be a great way to get a few more unusual ones that are different from what I find in stores.  If you want to try them out I can send you a link to get 10% off your subscriptions for as long as you stay with them. It’s not huge but it will almost pay for your shipping fees. You can also check out their website here

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