Glam Style Of The Day June 2016

Glam Style Of The Day is a monthly subscription box that helps you to be stylish on a budget.  It will include jewelry and a top plus a possibility of makeup or skin care.  You can choose from a mini glam box or the regular monthly box.  Prices are $18 and $20 respectively. They offer longer plans but there is no discount to joining that way.   Shipping to Canada is $9.00 a month.  They ask you a few questions to get your sizes for the shirt and then you’re on your way.  I snagged this on a Mother’s Day sale and got it for 50% off, which made it a great deal!  I’m spending more time in an office environment lately so I am sorely needing accessories to switch up a rather limited wardrobe.

20160617_174511 20160617_174544

Well things certainly looked puffy and colourful this month.  It was hard to see what everything is in there but lets hope it’s all fun and useful.


They included a letter letting you know why they love Summer and all the things that can be celebrated during June.  There is nothing about what you are receiving.


Montagne Jeunesse Pom Pom Bath Puff-$2.00

I have no idea why this would be included in a style box but since we go through these at an amazing rate in this house I guess it’s okay?  So odd.


Faux Fur PomPom Keychain-$7.99

This is also a bit odd but fun.  I will not use this as a keychain but it might get attached to a bag or purse.  Just bizarre.


Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Anti-Stress Mask-$2.88

I love mud masks but again I have to question what this is doing in a style box.  The letter doesn’t say anything about focusing on pampering yourself so I am left scratching my head.


Paula Dorf Eyeshadow-$21.00

This shadow duo is nice.  It has a matte and a glitter shade and that’s great.  Both go on very lightly so you can get the coverage you want by blending up.  The only thing that was iffy on this one is that it was not sealed in any way.  It’s definitely not used but that threw me.


Well this at least belongs in the box.  I don’t care much for the earrings but I like the necklace.  Up close you can tell it’s not of the highest quality but it has a nice heft to it.


Plantlife Lemongrass Aromatherapy Herbal Soap-$1.99

Back to the bath we go!  This soap smells great and uses 100% pure essential oils.  It also has no artificial anythings in it and all of them are sustainable.


2 Moda Makeup Bag

This bag is huge!  It’s quilted and has an onside zippered pocket as well.  It has a wrist strap and will fit not only your makeup for the day but your brush, deodorant, and whatever else you might need to make yourself beautiful.

20160617_175100 20160617_175113

Ambiance Apparel Shirt-$8.00

So the back of this is sheer and hangs longer than the front.  It is also more of a crop top so it will be great over a bathing suit or tank top.  Again I could only find similar ones on clearance sites.

This box was less great than my first one.  It was so odd and while I know they said skincare items, most of these don’t fit that category.  I didn’t know what I would be getting and hadn’t seen anything online to help me out.  There were a few things I loved and some that were just okay but my overall impression is still a good one.   Can’t wait to see what sort of things they send me next month.


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