Loves It Newfoundland Subscription Box June 2016

Loves It is a box of Newfoundland sourced, hand crafted, home made items.  They are proudly sending out boxes of items they purchase from those local suppliers so that they can show off the greatness of their artists, crafters, and businesses.  They offer both a Standard or a Premium box and monthly or quarterly subscriptions.  Boxes start at $35.00 a month but do go down with longer plans.  There will be 4-7 items per box and they say they will range in value from $40-$75.  I am always on the lookout for Canadian boxes and so while I’m not from Newfoundland nor have I ever been there I was still interested in this box.


Always a warning with this box.  I’m not sure why they just don’t put the cutable items on the bottom and save everyone the chance of ruining things.


As you can see I had a helper for this unboxing.  The reason for not cutting down is very obvious once it’s open.  As I mention every time I really wish they included a card or something to tell me about the items in here.


Inuksuk Keychain-$1.00?

This appears to be handmade.  Beyond that I can tell you very little.  I have no idea how this relates to Newfoundland or what business makes it.


Port aux Choix Lighthouse Print by Angela Foss

This numbered print is very lovely.  The artist seems to do a variety of styles and while I can’t find this one or this size on her site I do like it.  It is a bit of a collage style, with the lighthouse part laid of the main print.

20160624_190940 20160624_190956

Newfoundland An Island Apart-$18.95

This is a book filled with beautiful pictures taken by Dennis Minty.  It seems to cover all areas of life in Newfoundland and shows the absolute glory that is that province.  I can’t wait to dive in and imagine myself there.


The Crystal Ball Newfoundland Crocheted Soap in Maleficent-$5.00

This is so freakin cute!!! It’s a bar of soap inside a crocheted cozy.  It makes your soap last longer and exfoliates as you use it.  Once all the soap is gone you can just use it as a scrubby.  The soap inside is lemongrass so it smells great.


Paradise Farms Beeswax Hand Cream-$5.99

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit you know I love the scent of beeswax.  I thought for a minute that this was unscented but once I put it on and rubbed it in the smell came out and I am in love.  I can totally see myself ordering from this company.  They have a large choice of items available on their website and while this does leave my hands slightly greasy I can overlook that because of the other benefits.  My hands feel great with this on.

This was my fourth box from Loves It and I still never have any clue what to expect to be in it besides it all being from Newfoundland.  There is a good mix of products and it was all full sized so can’t complain about that. I just wish for a few of the thing that they would tell me what or why it was included. The value this month is around $30.00, back down below the promised value unless that print is expensive.  If you want to check them out click here to go to their site.


Uniquely You June 2016

Uniquely You is a subscription box with a difference from the normal ones.  They tailor each box to you personally so each one is different from the next.  When you sign up they have 20 categories you can choose from to base your box on.  They also send you a little quiz after to get to know you better filled with some serious and some frivolous questions.  I chose the Mystery Box category and after filling in my quiz they responded and asked if there were any of the categories I did not have any interest in. I told them that Festivals & Party Supplies, Men’s Fashion Accessories, Cats, and Smoking Accessories were not to my interest and they said nothing from those would be sent.  Boxes are $29.99 a month but go down a lot if you choose a longer term.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars and the box is based out of British Columbia.


It was a really tiny box this month.  That could go both ways.  The tissue paper was really pretty though.  There has not been an info sheet or card for a while so everything in here is just a wild guess.


Hmmm…..this isn’t looking so great off the hop.


This belt is horrible.  Okay well maybe not horrible but very much not something I would ever wear.  Also it is too small for me.  No where in signing up did they ever get sizes so this seems  like a bit of a gamble anyways.   Into the donation pile this goes immediately.


Next out of the box was a terra cotta planter and saucer and a small vial of mixed Zinnia seeds.  So random and odd but not the first time they have send plantables.  Last time though they sent dirt and everything.


A block of something……this was wrapped up in bubble wrap with no label or tag or anything.  It doesn’t really have a smell to it.  After going with a hunch, it turns out it’s soap.  It doesn’t smell very nice lathered up though.  I have no clue where or who made this or if it really is soap but that’s the best I can do.


Well at least there is something that I kinda like in here.  These are a seashell necklace and matching earrings.  They are a silver plated, slightly antiqued looking set.  They will be fine to wear with casual things this summer.

So I have been really happy with this box, right up to now.  This feels like they forgot they were sending out boxes this month and just tossed a bunch of things they had laying around in.  They usually have a bit of a theme and that wasn’t there and the stuff wasn’t marked in any way.  I’m hoping they go back to the standard they have been at next month.



Super Geek Box June 2016

Super Geek Box is a monthly subscription that sends out Geek and Gamer gear.  You always get a shirt but everything else is up in the air.  You could get Funkos or Dorbz, keychains, posters, or stickers.  Every month has a theme that the items are based on so it changes up all the time.  Boxes start at $13.92 plus $13.00 shipping a month but go down with longer plans.  All plans automatically renew so you do need to be careful if you want to cancel.  I’ve resisted getting too deep into the geek boxes just because there are so many and trying to pick is pretty difficult.  All of them are really varied and from looking at past boxes I decided to give Super Geek Box a try.  This month’s theme is Villain.


This box is easy to spot when it arrives.  The bright blue and the branding let you know exactly  what is sitting in your mailbox.


As usual the box is packed right to the top and stuffed as full as it can get.

20160624_190753 20160624_190805

The trifold info card give you a quick little overview of what you might get if there were options and concrete information on the items that are the same for everyone.


Funko Mopees Yellow Deadpool

I still haven’t seen the Deadpool movie so I’m not sure why there are colour variations.  However this guy is super cute and I will happily give him a home if the girls don’t steal hm on me first.

20160624_190703 20160624_190708

SGB Exclusive Money Meowth Pay-Day Wallet

This is such a weird thing.  It is a basic wallet that you would fold in half and only hold cash.  I’ll probably just give this to the girls to play with since they are big into purses right now.


There was this wonderful surprise inside the wallet…..$1,000,000 dollars.


SGB Chomp Chomp Keychain

They have the very best keychains in this box.  Mario is my favourite ever and they keep adding that little thing to make me happy.  Love this!


SGB TR8R Drawstring Bag

This appear to be a mashup between a Super Mario Turtle and a Stormtrooper.  This is another one for the girls as I won’t carry this around in public.  Which might surprise those who know me and have to appear in public with me on any holiday.


SG Harley Quinn Decal

I wouldn’t call this a decal……it’s a sticker plain and simple.  It’s fun though and I will probably throw it in one of my letters to a penpal.


For bonus this month they included a Team Rocket pin and the normal theme pin.  I’m totally team Rocket so yay!


SGB Exclusive The Dark Side T-Shirt

I know I’ve said it before but I just don’t have any care about Star Wars.  That makes this shirt almost blah to me.  I know it’s got Link on it to redeem it but it’s mostly Star Wars.  Maybe the Hubs will want it or I can use it for just around the house.

This month was just okay for me.  None of the fandoms are my big favourites, but the items made me  happy and smiley. The shirt is quite a let down, since they are usually so awesome.  That’s the big gamble with the geek boxes, if you get a theme for something you are not a fan of, the whole box can be a letdown.  Next month’s theme is Sidekick, and they are promising a Funko Pop in it.



LaRitzy LaMini May 2016

LaRitzy is a monthly box of vegan beauty items.  They select surprise items and send them along to you to try.  They offer two box sizes, La Ritzy, which gives you 4-5 full and luxury sized items, and LaMini, which is 2-3 items.  Boxes start at $24.99 and $14.99 respectively, but they do give a discount on longer term plans.  Shipping is free for the US, $5.00 for Canada, and $10.00 Internationally.  I am not vegan but I was looking for a reasonably priced makeup box and this one fits that so the fact that they items are vegan doesn’t matter to me.  Let’s see what the box brings.


This post is a little late but it’s not my fault.  They had some issues getting their box supply and so they shipped out late.  The new box looks lovely and I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

20160623_181413 20160623_181423

Opening the lid we find the info card completely blocking everything.  Removing that we find my three products.  Looks interesting.

20160623_181437 20160623_181445

There were two cards in the box this month.  On the left is the info card.  It tells you about the reason things were picked, a bit about each item included, and the value of them.  The other card is from one of the brands and gives you a discount off more of their product.


MannaKadar Bronzer & Highlighter Split Pan-$21.00

Bronzer is one of those things I never really got the hang of.  I want to use it but I think I end up looking weirdly orange.  You can swirl these together it says to give you a great glow.  They definitely do have a lot of shimmer once you put it on, so that makes me wary.  I might try to make this more of a blush than a bronzer.


Josie & Hue The White Clay Mask-$22.00

This mask is a nourishing mask that promises to clean, tone, and smooth your skin.  It recommends you use it 1-2 times a week.  You mix it with enough water to make a paste and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.  These type of clay masks have such a great tightening feeling when you have them on, I love it!


Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Eyeshadow in Bandit-$9.00

This is a dusty rose coloured shadow which sounds horrible but it is nice.  Obviously since it’s matte it has no shimmer, which tends to be my go to look but this will be a good change and allow me to focus on a liner that has more impact.


Well it was a wait but my second box was great.  All of the item seem to be full sized, which is nice, and while the bronzer is not my personal favourite thing to use, I still like the whole box.  The value this month is $52.00, which is huge.  I’m almost wishing I’d gone for the full size box now.

Warm Hug May 2016

Warm Hugs is a subscription box that reminds you that you need to take care of yourself as well as others.  They are also Canadian so yay to that!  Boxes will include affirmations, tea, gemstones, essential oil blends, chocolates, bath salts or soaps, earrings, and a surprise.  They make the oils and bath products themselves and sell them on their site.  They also sell the boxes alone and have a Postpartum box that has items new moms can use to sooth sore areas.  You can even order a subscription and get that as your first box if you let them know.  Boxes are $20 plus $7 shipping (Canadian funds!!!!!) but if you go with a six month plan you get 10% off.


Same as always, we get the heart paper covering any hope of a first peek.


Somewhat better after removing it but still fairly hidden.


The don’t have an info card but they include a letter that tells you about each thing and how or why to use it.



They include 4 affirmations each month.  You are supposed to keep the were you can see them and speak them to yourself everyday.  As you can see one of the treats got a bit melty and you’ll notice it on a few different things.



This month the tea is Tranquili-Tea.  It is a blend of red clover St.John’s wart, rose hips, and peppermint leaf.  All the teas I’ve received from them have been excellent and I’ve used them up.

20160615_205325 20160615_205402 20160615_205356

Handmade Bath Salts and Soap

Vanilla bath salts this time, with some of that aforementioned chocolate.  They are made with Epsom salts, sea salt, vegetable based colourant, and fragrance oil.  The soap is Sweet Orange.  It is a glycerin soap and from the other ones I’ve used it lathers well and smells nice.



So here is the cause of all the problems.  Not that it’ll stop me from eating it but one is very melty and flat.



The stone is Carnelian.  It’s used for overcoming negative thoughts, restoring creativity and vitality, calming you, and banishing anger and resentment.  It can also be helpful with lower back problems, depression, arthritis, boosting fertility, and vitamin and mineral absorption.


Essential Oil Blend

Well here we have more of the chocolate.  The oil spray is Memory Boost.  Obviously it helps with memory and also clearing your mind.  I’m not sure what oils are in it but it smells refreshing and pleasant.



They include a handmade pair of earrings each month.  These ones are not my style at all.



They always add a little something in the box and this month it was a colouring page.  It is unuseable because of the chocolate but a nice touch.

There is no way for me to value this box but it would be about curation more than value anyways.  I fell I got my $20 worth and I love that it is Canadian.  All of the bath products are wonderful, the oil is useful, chocolate can never be bad, tea is welcome, and the gemstone and affirmations are great reminders to stop and think for a minute.  If you want to get your own Warm Hug, click here to check them out.

House Box June 2016

House Box is a Canadian bi-monthly subscription box that sends you 5 or more assorted home product samples.  Plans start at $21.95 but do go down with longer plans and shipping is $9.95.  Taxes are included in the pricing.  The site says you can review your products and shape future boxes but so far I can’t figure out how to make that happen.  The items included are Canadian companies too!  After you have tried them out you can purchase the full sized version from the website or they have links direct to the companies.  Let’s see what was inside this month.


This subscription ships in a small branded box.  It looks professional but it has always been the same size so you know you’re never going to get anything really large from this one.

20160621_202316 20160621_202335

Peeking inside at first gives me no clue whatsoever as to what I might find.  Peeling back the tissue and removing the card only helped marginally.


The back of the card lists all the items for this month, prices and reminds you that if you want to buy more you can visit their store or blog.


Green Beaver Toothpaste-75mL $5.99

This toothpaste is fluoride-free, vegan, and gluten-free.  It is Frosty Mint flavour and let me tell you, it is super minty.  Like pop your eyes open and suck in a breath minty. It uses silica and calcium carbonate to whiten, xylitol to cleanse, and peppermint and menthol for breath freshening.


Norwex Spirisponge-$5.25

This scrubby is made of a sponge covered in some type of a material with rough surface.  This is safe for use on Teflon but not stainless steel.  We always use these so I’m happy to try out a new type.


Soak Wash-5mL $0.09 x3

This is a hand washing solution.  Each one of these packets has enough liquid to mix with one gallon of water to wash anything you would normally do a delicate wash on, such as lingerie, sweaters, swimsuits, workout clothes, or baby clothes.  I rarely to never wash delicate things by hand as I used to work in a dry cleaners and know a few things that get me around that but this might be good for some of the kids toys or blankets that I don’t want to toss in the washer.


Fox Run Brands Garlic Peeler-$5.99

I have always wanted one of these!  You place a clove of garlic in it roll it up, and rub it back and forth, and voila, peeled garlic and no smell on your hands. I love it. Kitchen gadgets make me so happy!


Honey Candles Beeswax Tea Lights-$2.38 x 2

I love the smell of beeswax candles.  These two tealights are so wonderful.  Beeswax candles don’t release any toxins when you burn them.  These have a burn time of 4-5 hours each.


Neal’s Yard Geranium and Orange Hand Cream-$0.10

This cream is good for your skin and nails, helping to keep them moisturised and protected.  It is organic and uses avocado, hemp, and olive oils.  I’m not going to open it to see how it smells or works but I’m sure it’s lovely.

I am very happy with this box.  This months has a value of $22.36, which is still a little low but better than last month.   I’m a little sad that there are a few packet samples this time but that has been rare in this box so maybe it’s just this month.  There was a mix of all sorts of items for the home and with them all being Canadian it’s a bunch of good finds.  I have been on a mission to find more Canadian boxes since the exchange rate is so crappy right now and I’m glad to have found this one.  I hope that the rest of the boxes from them are as good as this one.  If you want to sign up let me know and I can send you a link!

Wee Quilt Kits Block Of The Month June 2016

Wee Quilt Kits is a monthly subscription offering quilting supplies and material.  They are a Canadian company, which I love finding.  They have four different plans to choose from, Fat Quarter, Block, Mini, and Wee Quilt of the Month.  Plans start at $8.00 a month for the Fat Quarter and go up to $50.00 for the most expensive.  Shipping is free.  Items included vary with the plan you choose but do give you things you need or want if you’re quilting.  This was another one I picked up with a discount and I went with the Block of the Month.  I am a beginner quilter and thought this would be an easy way to get a few blocks and instructions on how to piece them together to build up my skills.  Let’s see what the first month for me is.


This one ships in an envelope and when it arrived I had a horrible thought that it was only the pattern and I would need to source material.  Thankfully I was wrong.

20160615_204158 20160615_204212

There is no name on this block but it is a basic standard block that you see quite a bit.  The finished block will be 9″x9″ and the instructions are simple and accented with images to help you out.


The fabric is nicely matched.  While it is stripped for me already I still need to cut it into squares to begin stitching.  I’m a little surprised that I don’t need to cut triangles, which is what I’m used to doing.  This pattern says to just mark the diagonal and sti, cutting the excess after.  That seems way easier than the other way.

I love doing crafts and sewing has always been my first method.  I learnt at an early age and while I do go for other types this is my fall back.  My mother is a super quilter and that’s why I have some experience with it but most patterns and books are above my skill level.  This subscription is an easy way to get more proficiant and end up with a whole quilt at the end.  They have a special on right now, just type “QUILTLOVE” in the discount field and get 30% off!


Paper & Pen June 2016

Paper & Pen is a monthly subscription box that promises to send out 3-4 paper goods and supplies each month.  They pick items from around the globe and send those unique items to you.  Boxes start at $20 a month but go down with longer plans.  Shockingly for me, shipping is free!  Let’s see what they sent out!


This one ships in a plain brown mailer so I never bother taking pictures of it.  Inside that we have this neatly wrapped little present.


Once we open that up we get to see our presents for the month. Looks good! Sadly this month they dont have the items listed yet on the website so I have to guess as I go.

20160616_205330 20160616_205335

Night Owl Paper Crafts Mini Notebook-$8.00

This cute little notepad is made from recycled paper.  The cover is sustainably harvested Birch.  It has 75 pages and as you can see they are unlined.  I love notepads and hide them away from my children who will scribble on each page and ruin everything.


Plan d Checklist Pad

I cannot give you a price for this because for the life of me I don’t have a clue what currency the page I can find it on is in.  This seems more like pages you would stick outside of a box because it has columns for a date, contents and checking it off.  I’ll find some use for it though.


Zebra Mechanical Pencil-$0.58 x 2

I have some of these pencils that I have bought myself and they are great.  They write well and the leads don’t break easily.  They almost look like a real pencil which is cool too!

Teardrop Shaped Paperclips-$0.15 x 4

Paperclips make me almost as happy as paper itself.  The only issue I have is that I want to use fancy ones like this on papers I won’t have to give to someone else who won’t care.


DKG Pencil Case

This is a great little case!  It is made of pleather and has a zippered top. I once again can’t value it as the website is in another language and once I translate it, it gets confused when I search in English.  It will hold quite a few writing utensils and looks adult and professional, which would be a first for me…..

I’ve been happy with this box.  There is not a ton of stuff in it but that was made clear in their info.  I am not going to value the box this month as two of the item are impossible for me to guess at.  I like that some of the products are from smaller companies and Etsy companies.  It shows that they really do search out interesting items instead of just buying lots off Amazon.


NextSock June 2016

NextSock is a monthly subscription that sends you out completely random socks.  You can choose between mens or womens and you get two pairs each month for $20.00.  I picked this one up on a Groupon and got a three month plan for $30.00, which is half price.  There is $4.00 shipping to Canada but that’s not so bad.  One of my other sock plans has ended so I thought this would be a good way to stock up for the summer.


So I apologize for the fact that this bag is all ripped up.  There is absolutely no markings on it to let me know what it was or where it was from.  It honestly says in the shipped from box “Shipping Department”.  Now you know, plain old bag equals NextSock subscription.


Inside there is only your socks. No notes, no cards, no tags, nothing.  My pairs this month are The Statue Of Liberty and Eating Utensils.  They are both fun and I can’t wait to wear them.  They feel like they are good quality and they are not too thin.

I’m quite happy with my first month.  I think that if I’d paid full price I’d feel maybe a bit ripped off.  $10.00 a pair is way more than I’d normally pay.  However since I got these on a deal I’m okay with $5.00 each.  They shipped pretty quickly and besides not knowing what was in it arrived fine.  This Groupon is still on so if you fancy some new socks make sure you go grab it!

Topbox June 2016

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box.  I had stopped getting this one for a while because I felt they were sending out too many of the same type of samples.  I am giving them a try again because I now get almost no makeup boxes anymore and since this one is Canadian and inexpensive it let’s me dabble with a small commitment.


This sub ships in a bright purple bubble mailer.  You always know when you get this one each month.

20160615_204824 20160615_204828

You can choose to have you items sent in a cardboard tube or in this organza bag.  I always choose the bag because I don’t need one more thing to recycle.

20160615_204857 20160615_204904

They used to send your items in the info card but have decided to just email you with you list.  Now the card is just advertising and gives you a few discount codes on items.

20160615_204923 20160615_204918

O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face with Brightening Agents-5mL $4.32

Well I got this item in my LuxeBox and haven’t tried it yet but you spray it on and leave it to work for a few seconds. You then scrub gently with a washcloth and rinse.  It is all natural and removes dirt and environmental things that can end up on your skin.  It is supposed to leave you looking brighter and more radiant.


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo-21.3g $3.96

I like dry shampoos and I’m pretty sure I’ve used this one before.  They work really well for those days I just can’t find the time or the energy to shower, since it never gets to be alone.  This one has a bonus of smelling really nice so it makes me happy.


pur~lisse Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask-$8.00

This sheet mask is moisturizing, nourishing, and renewing.  I am getting quite the stash of masks but the joy I get from freaking out my husband and making my girls giggle overrides that small issue.


Harvey Prince Organics Sincerely Body Cream-15mL $1.02

This is another double from my LuxeBox but I think this heavily floral scented lotion is nice so I’m not all that upset.  Everything I’ve ever used from Harvey Prince has been floral and that is very much my kinda scent.  This absorbs super quick and doesn’t leave you greasy at all.

This month’s box has a value of $50.27. Holy Crap!!  I like the items I got this time and am happy with all of them. There is the one duplicate item but since it’s something I use and like it’s okay.  The good thing is that since they only do month to month subscriptions I can cancel this without any hassle if it gets really repetitive.  As I mentioned above I like that it’s a Canadian box and that it’s really reasonably priced but it is not always varied.   If you are interested in getting your own Topbox send me a message and I can give you a link or you can visit them here.