Glam Style Of The Day May 2016

Glam Style Of The Day is a monthly subscription box that helps you to be stylish on a budget.  It will include jewelry and a top plus a possibility of makeup or skin care.  You can choose from a mini glam box or the regular monthly box.  Prices are $18 and $20 respectively. They offer longer plans but there is no discount to joining that way.   Shipping to Canada is $9.00 a month.  They ask you a few questions to get your sizes for the shirt and then you’re on your way.  I snagged this on a Mother’s Day sale and got it for 50% off, which made it a great deal!  I’m spending more time in an office environment lately so I am sorely needing accessories to switch up a rather limited wardrobe.


The box is plain white with the logo and tagline in the middle.

20160524_164500 20160524_164521

Opening the lid gave me nothing!  After a little bit of digging I started to see my goodies.  My first peek left me hopeful.

20160524_164541 20160524_164559

There were a few letters in there too.  One was a quick note thanking me for joining.  It’s not handwritten but still nice to get.  The other was a list of the items I received.  I didn’t take a picture but they put a copy of my receipt in there too.


Chloe and Isabel Starburst Petite Bracelet-$28.00

OMG I love this so much!!!  It is beautiful and dainty and just so pretty that I can’t wait to wear it.  It has a vintage look to it and has crystal pavé making up the burst.  The chain is not just plain links either but has flat joints every half in or so.  If this box keeps up like this I’m going to be so happy.


Summer Bora Bora Flowers Statement Necklace Set-$35???

This appears to be a knockoff of another Chloe and Isabel set, which doesn’t bother me at all.  I find most pieces of statement jewelry to look that like they are knockoffs anyways.  I’ll be totally honest with you….this stuff scares me.  I do not normally wear anything like this because I don’t know if I really do look ridiculous or just think I do.  This is very heavy and I can see how it would add to a plain shirt.  Now to just get the courage to put it on.

20160524_164624 20160524_164635

Classy Crystal Sunglasses-$10.00??

These are so hilarious!  They are straight out of 1984 and I love it.  I will never wear these anywhere but my car but they are fun if nothing else.


Paula Dorf Eyeshadow-$11.50

This is a nice colour and goes on super smooth.  It has no shimmer to it at all, which is a nice change from what normally comes in boxes.  This seems to maybe be slightly older stock as the current packing is a bit different but there is nothing wrong with it and it isn’t off in any way.


Sheer Floral Sleeveless Top in Navy-$3.00

This has an Ambiance tag in it.  The clothes on the website are really cute but the only place I could find it online was a clearance site hence the low price.  It will look good over a tank top with some jeans.  It is not something that I would buy for myself because I tend to steer clear of buttons but I’m okay receiving it.

20160524_165053 20160524_165118 20160524_165104

They also included three catalogues, which is a little odd.  What is even more odd is that there were not included items from two of the companies that they are promoting.  Oh well, I’ll glance through them and then throw them in the recycle bin.

I am pleasantly surprised for my first box.  I didn’t know what I would be getting and hadn’t seen anything online to help me out.  There were a few things I loved and some that were just okay but my overall impression is a good one.  The box has an approximate value of $87.50.  I say approximate because I had to guess on a few items I couldn’t exactly find online.  Can’t wait to see what sort of things they send me next month.

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