The Hippie Hobby May 2016

The Hippie Hobby is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a DIY craft kit that will incorporate recycled, upcycled, and natural elements.  They promise to send you everything you need, so even if you’re a beginner crafter you’ll never be caught out missing supplies.  Boxes start at $23.95 plus $5.99 shipping to Canada.  There are discounts for 3 or 6 month plans.  Since boxes are every other month, a 6 month plan gets you a year.  I am always looking for craft boxes and most are either way too expensive for me or the shipping is ridiculous so I’m hoping this one will bring me joy.20160525_175016 20160525_175021

This ships in a lovely striped box.  Their name is on the front and a cute balloon delivering a gift on the top.


They wrap up the projects in bright paper and a burlap band held with their sticker.


Underneath that I found a few recycled paper squiggles and the instruction card.  I could smell things though.

20160525_175120 20160525_175130

The card opens up to give detailed directions on how to make both the main craft and the bonus craft for the month.


The big craft this month is DIY Herbal Bath Teas.  They sent out empty tea bags, Epsom salt, rolled oats, lavender and chamomile flowers, lavender essential oil, and a sewing kit.  You are required to provide a mixing bowl, spoon, iron, and an ironing board.  After mixing all the dry ingrediants you add the oil and then bag the mixture.  You iron shut the bags to seal them.  They included the sewing kit so you can add embroidery to decorate your bags.  After you get things how you want them you toss this into your tub and let it steep for 10-15 minutes, then relax and enjoy.

20160525_175318 20160525_175327 20160525_175342

The bonus craft this month is DIY Bath Tea Envelopes.  To complete this they have sent out pre-printed envelope templates and a glue stick.  You need to use your own scissors.  It is super hard to see in real life and almost impossible in the picture but there are lines and words on the back of the pages.  You simply cut them out and then glue the flaps to make an envelope to hold you tea bags.  The pages are lightly coloured with a marble pattern.

This month is wonderful.  I like the idea of making something that will be used instead of simply being decorative.  The crafts are not crazy complicated and yet they look like they will be nice enough to give as a gift.  It doesn’t matter too much to me that they are encouraging recycling or upcycling but there isn’t a downside to that.  I don’t think that you can accurately value a box like this but it’s probably fair.  Having two months to make these up before another box arrives means I may actually get them done.


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