Warm Hug April 2016

Warm Hugs is a subscription box that reminds you that you need to take care of yourself as well as others.  They are also Canadian so yay to that!  Boxes will include affirmations, tea, gemstones, essential oil blends, chocolates, bath salts or soaps, earrings, and a surprise.  They make the oils and bath products themselves and sell them on their site.  They also sell the boxes alone and have a Postpartum box that has items new moms can use to sooth sore areas.  You can even order a subscription and get that as your first box if you let them know.  Boxes are $20 plus $7 shipping (Canadian funds!!!!!) but if you go with a six month plan you get 10% off.


Opening up the lid gives you nothing!  Damn them…..

20160511_175557 20160511_175624

Ahh…there we go, now we can see the goodies.  Removing the letter gives me an even better view.


Warm Hug doesn’t have an info card but they do send you a letter each month with all the details on your items.



They include 4 each month so you can have a new one each week until you get another box.  You are supposed to keep them somewhere you can see them and repeat them to yourself.



I’m really excited to try this tea blend.  I just got a iced tea steeper and this Fruity Zinger Tea will be great for that I think.  They hand make the blends sent out and this one includes raspberry leaf, hibiscus, lemon peel, ginger, red clover, and stevia.  It smells good and I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning.

20160511_175720 20160511_175737

Handmade Bath Salts and Soap

There are twp soaps this month.  One is leaf shaped and the round one is like a sand dollar pattern.  The cucumber melon scent is so fresh smelling.  It is not overly strong but there is no mistaking it.  The bath salts are sweet basil.  It is a bit odd to think of wanting to make myself smell like a herb but they have yet to steer me wrong with these salts.  This one will give your skin a healthy glow and can help acne.  It also can help relieve coughs and sinus issues. They colour the water and release a nice smell, while relaxing you.



They include a few treats so that you can give yourself a moment of comfort if you need it.



This month the stone is Brecciated Jasper.  I can honestly say that I have never ever heard of this one.  As you can see from the included scroll this stone promotes dream recall and can help promote calm, nurturing, detoxing, and tranquility.  It’s also good for creativity and increasing endurance, while preventing dehydration.


Essential Oil Blend

This month I got Bedtime Bliss, which helps calm and relax you, so you can fall asleep quickly and stay that way.  I wonder if it will help me sleep through the cries of mom that emanate from the girls rooms at crazy hours of the night???  I can’t tell the main oils but they are pleasant.



These are handcrafted earrings that they include simply so you can feel your best.  These are just plastic beads but they are okay.  I do find that this is not something I would expect in a box like this and I kinda miss the mascot that used to be included.



The surprise this month is a Cinnamon Loofah.  I’m always happy to receive more bath items.  Loofahs are fantastic for exfoliating without being super harsh and this one has a small amount of soap inside it to cleanse as well.

There is no way for me to value this box but it would be about curation more than value anyways.  I fell I got my $20 worth and I love that it is Canadian.  All of the bath products are wonderful, the oil is useful, chocolate can never be bad, tea is welcome, and the gemstone and affirmations are great reminders to stop and think for a minute.  If you want to get your own Warm Hug, click here to check them out.




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