Fanspirations April 2016

Fanspirations is a monthly delivery of products and presents based off pretty much any fandom you might be a part of.  You can even change which fandom you want to receive every month if you want to.  They offer three sizes of box depending on how much of your fandom you want to receive each month.  The Perfect Deal is $13.00 and gives you 2-4 items, Favourite Deal is $30.00 and includes 5-7 items, and Best Deal is $50.00 and sends 8-11 items.  There are 11 open fandoms right now but the whole collection has 14.  You can choose from 4 plan lengths with a slight price break for longer plans.  This one did take a little while to get to me but now that it’s here let’s see what I can fangirl out with.  My plan right now is Potterhead and I just went with the Perfect Deal.

20160510_173340 20160510_173503

The box it ships in is plain with a sticker logo.  Opening it up I could see wonderful things! There is not an info card, but as I mentioned last month with the huge variety of boxes they would be sending out it’s probably not practical.


Harry Potter Ravenclaw Knee High Socks-$11.99

Yay!!!! I love socks. I love Harry Potter. These make me so happy I can’t even.  They are half blue and half black and have the Ravenclaw symbol on the front top.  Knee highs are great to wear with boots and that is something that has been happening a bunch lately for me so that works out even more.


Luna Lovegood Funko Pop!-$10.99

I don’t have a huge collection of these guys but next to my Abominable from Rudolph this would be my favourite.  They are so cute and Luna is a great character.  She has her wand in her hand and her apple earrings in.


Harry Potter Ravenclaw Arm Party Bracelet Set by Bioworld-$23.99

I’m beginning to sense a common factor here…..This is a set of five different styles of bracelets that can be worn together or separately to show your house colours.  With the exception of the blue one on the top right of the photo, all the rest either say Ravenclaw, have the initial, or the house crest.  These are all quite small, which is okay for me since I have tiny wrists but it might have been an issue for some people.


Phoenix Necklace-$4.99

I’m not entirely sure that this is a phoenix but that’s the best guess I have.  There is nothing on the tag to identify it.  There are some words printed in the bottom of the wings but they are unreadable.  This is still nice though and surprisingly to me, I want to wear it.  I usually shy away from something so loud but I think it’s pretty.

So this month we were sorted into Ravenclaw and came out fully accessorized.  There  is a value this month of $51.96, which I think is great.  I’m enjoying the Harry Potter stuff but I think I will switch it up to another Fandom for next month.  I can always come back.   I love that you get to choose and not just hope like hell they don’t pick something you can’t stand, which is a chance you take with some other boxes.


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