Uniquely You May 2016

Uniquely You is a subscription box with a difference from the normal ones.  They tailor each box to you personally so each one is different from the next.  When you sign up they have 20 categories you can choose from to base your box on.  They also send you a little quiz after to get to know you better filled with some serious and some frivolous questions.  I chose the Mystery Box category and after filling in my quiz they responded and asked if there were any of the categories I did not have any interest in. I told them that Festivals & Party Supplies, Men’s Fashion Accessories, Cats, and Smoking Accessories were not to my interest and they said nothing from those would be sent.  Boxes are $29.99 a month but go down a lot if you choose a longer term.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars and the box is based out of British Columbia.

20160506_130617 20160506_130630

I like that they take care with the packaging.  It’s always well packed so nothing shifts or breaks.  They also personalize they package inside with a label letting you know it’s just for you.  There was no letter this month so I’m flying a little more blind than normal.


Le Spa Bleu Bath Sponge-$2.32

This is very squishy and I can tell that a tiny bit of soap will lather like crazy.  I normally use one of those puffs but I will gladly give this a go.


Pure Epsom Salts-$2.99

I’m sensing a theme here.  Looks like a long soak in the tub is in my future.  I regularly use bath salts but haven’t gone for the plain epsom salts in a while.  I think I may have to hide these from the Hubby who will want them for after hockey or a long day doing yardwork.


La Florentina Salsedine Soap 3pk-$19.99

Ohhhh….I like pretty soaps.  This is a very nice set.  It is Sea Breeze scented and like most of these milled soaps it is very strong.  I don’t mind it though and while I tend to keep these soaps instead of using them, one day there will be a time for them.


DMC Color Variation Skein 4010-$1.62

I think it’s nice that they include something like this in the box.  I can’t remember if I told them in my survey that I enjoy needlework or not but they keep sending a little something to satisfy that.  This is a very cool skein of thread.  It varies between light grey to light blue to a darker grey.

I am so happy I found this box.  The fact that they keep surprising me completely is great.  I never have any idea what I’ll be getting and it is never anything I get in any other box. This box is worth $26.92 and once again they have put together a complete theme.  I can’t wait to see what other boxes will bring because I know literally have zero idea of what to expect.

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