Miss Tutii TutiiBag May 2016

Miss Tutii is an Asian beauty subscription that offers a few different options.  You can choose from the TutiiBox, TutiiBag, or the TutiiMask.  Plans start at $12.00 and there is a shipping charge to Canada.  They ship out popular or trending items from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  Your package may include skincare, makeup, hair care , beauty tools, or body and you can expect 4-5 deluxe or full sized items.   The TutiiBag is just a smaller version of the TutiiBox so if you subscribed to both you will get duplicates.


Everything comes in a shiny satin bag.

20160509_173930 20160509_173939

The info card is super cute!  The back give you a rundown of the items included, prices, and most importantly the instructions for use…..in English…..

20160509_174002 20160509_174009

This month they also included another card telling you all about masks.

20160509_174048 20160509_174035

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream-5mL $6.33

This cream is blended with Korean medicinal herbs and collagen.  The combination is supposed to firm and tone the skin, promote elasticity, add lift, and fight free radicals.  It does have a slightly medicinal scent but it’s not overpowering or unpleasant.  There is probably enough in this little tub for a week of use twice a day.


The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base SPF30-$8.00

This is a coloured primer.  You could have received either mint, for redness, or lavender, for yellow or sallow skin.  I think the lavender is actually the better option for me so I’m happy.  It did take a little rubbing to get it all blended in and not purple anymore but it does give an even looking base.  I enjoy The Face Shop and am happy to get items from them.


SkinFood Nail Vita Base Coat-$5.00

This was another item where there were a couple of variations sent out. You could have got either a base coat or a top coat.  I got the base coat and it is enriched with vitamins and keratin.  I am usually in a hurry when I do my nails and a base coat gets skipped.  Just applying this alone has given my nails a nice shine so maybe I will use it alone and get the benefits.


Goodal Daffodil Moisture Sheet Mask-$5.00

Once again….2 options were available here.  Night Flower Nutrition mask or what I received, Daffodil Moisture Sheet mask.  This one is made to relieve dry and flaky skin using daffodils, which have moisture filled roots.  Sheet masks are so easy to use and I have a tiny stash so I’m happy to add on more.

20160509_174121 20160509_174109

Skin1004 Zombie Pack-$3.00

This is sorta like a mask.  You add the activator to the pack and apply it in your T-zone or anywhere you have enlarged pores.  They call it a zombie pac because as it dries it can make your skin feel tight and give you lines like a zombie.

I’m still liking this bag! The items are useful and there is a good mix of products.  It did have two masks this month but considering they included a card all about them I think it was just a theme for the month.  There is nothing in this one that I would want to swap so I’ll have to try that feature out later.  This month had a value of $27.33.  That is higher than last month. I like getting the Asian beauty products and it’s been a while since I got many so this subscription should be a fun one.


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