Glam Style Of The Day May 2016

Glam Style Of The Day is a monthly subscription box that helps you to be stylish on a budget.  It will include jewelry and a top plus a possibility of makeup or skin care.  You can choose from a mini glam box or the regular monthly box.  Prices are $18 and $20 respectively. They offer longer plans but there is no discount to joining that way.   Shipping to Canada is $9.00 a month.  They ask you a few questions to get your sizes for the shirt and then you’re on your way.  I snagged this on a Mother’s Day sale and got it for 50% off, which made it a great deal!  I’m spending more time in an office environment lately so I am sorely needing accessories to switch up a rather limited wardrobe.


The box is plain white with the logo and tagline in the middle.

20160524_164500 20160524_164521

Opening the lid gave me nothing!  After a little bit of digging I started to see my goodies.  My first peek left me hopeful.

20160524_164541 20160524_164559

There were a few letters in there too.  One was a quick note thanking me for joining.  It’s not handwritten but still nice to get.  The other was a list of the items I received.  I didn’t take a picture but they put a copy of my receipt in there too.


Chloe and Isabel Starburst Petite Bracelet-$28.00

OMG I love this so much!!!  It is beautiful and dainty and just so pretty that I can’t wait to wear it.  It has a vintage look to it and has crystal pavé making up the burst.  The chain is not just plain links either but has flat joints every half in or so.  If this box keeps up like this I’m going to be so happy.


Summer Bora Bora Flowers Statement Necklace Set-$35???

This appears to be a knockoff of another Chloe and Isabel set, which doesn’t bother me at all.  I find most pieces of statement jewelry to look that like they are knockoffs anyways.  I’ll be totally honest with you….this stuff scares me.  I do not normally wear anything like this because I don’t know if I really do look ridiculous or just think I do.  This is very heavy and I can see how it would add to a plain shirt.  Now to just get the courage to put it on.

20160524_164624 20160524_164635

Classy Crystal Sunglasses-$10.00??

These are so hilarious!  They are straight out of 1984 and I love it.  I will never wear these anywhere but my car but they are fun if nothing else.


Paula Dorf Eyeshadow-$11.50

This is a nice colour and goes on super smooth.  It has no shimmer to it at all, which is a nice change from what normally comes in boxes.  This seems to maybe be slightly older stock as the current packing is a bit different but there is nothing wrong with it and it isn’t off in any way.


Sheer Floral Sleeveless Top in Navy-$3.00

This has an Ambiance tag in it.  The clothes on the website are really cute but the only place I could find it online was a clearance site hence the low price.  It will look good over a tank top with some jeans.  It is not something that I would buy for myself because I tend to steer clear of buttons but I’m okay receiving it.

20160524_165053 20160524_165118 20160524_165104

They also included three catalogues, which is a little odd.  What is even more odd is that there were not included items from two of the companies that they are promoting.  Oh well, I’ll glance through them and then throw them in the recycle bin.

I am pleasantly surprised for my first box.  I didn’t know what I would be getting and hadn’t seen anything online to help me out.  There were a few things I loved and some that were just okay but my overall impression is a good one.  The box has an approximate value of $87.50.  I say approximate because I had to guess on a few items I couldn’t exactly find online.  Can’t wait to see what sort of things they send me next month.

TeeBlox May 2016

TeeBlox is a monthly t-shirt subscription that sends out licensed geek and gamer shirts.  They offer you the choice of 8 different themes.  You can pick from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Movies & TV Shows, Games, Beers & Liquors, and Hot Meex.  You get the shirt plus a comic and some stickers usually and prices start at $9.99 a month.  Shipping to Canada is a bit of a downer though at $15/month and that was a surprise because their shipping lists at $2.50 and doesn’t say that it is only for the US.  I went with the Hot Meex theme so I had no clue what to expect for a shirt.


They have changed up the shipping package.  It used to come in a grey mailer bag and now the back of the bag is clear so everyone can see your business.


The comic this month is Ultimate Comics X-Men #16 from November of 2012.  If you had purchased it new then you’d be out $3.99.  At least I know a little bit about the X-Men so this might be one of the better comics they’ve sent me.


I’m loving the shirt this month!  DJ Popeye rules.  He seems to have got a few more tats since the last time I saw him but to be fair that was years ago.  This is the kind of shirt I was hoping I would get with the Hot Meex option.


Instead of stickers this month the other item was a huge world map.  I’m oddly happy with this but now need to figure out a place to hang it.  It’s not hugely detailed but it does have provinces and states and countries labeled.

I’m really glad I only got a 6 month plan with this one.  The stuff has just not been things I really care about, though this one is more to my liking.  I am miffed about the shipping but beyond that the shirt feels like good quality and it’s not thin at all.  They say they are licensed though I can’t tell either way so I’m going to believe them.  If you want to check them out you can click here.

The Hippie Hobby May 2016

The Hippie Hobby is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a DIY craft kit that will incorporate recycled, upcycled, and natural elements.  They promise to send you everything you need, so even if you’re a beginner crafter you’ll never be caught out missing supplies.  Boxes start at $23.95 plus $5.99 shipping to Canada.  There are discounts for 3 or 6 month plans.  Since boxes are every other month, a 6 month plan gets you a year.  I am always looking for craft boxes and most are either way too expensive for me or the shipping is ridiculous so I’m hoping this one will bring me joy.20160525_175016 20160525_175021

This ships in a lovely striped box.  Their name is on the front and a cute balloon delivering a gift on the top.


They wrap up the projects in bright paper and a burlap band held with their sticker.


Underneath that I found a few recycled paper squiggles and the instruction card.  I could smell things though.

20160525_175120 20160525_175130

The card opens up to give detailed directions on how to make both the main craft and the bonus craft for the month.


The big craft this month is DIY Herbal Bath Teas.  They sent out empty tea bags, Epsom salt, rolled oats, lavender and chamomile flowers, lavender essential oil, and a sewing kit.  You are required to provide a mixing bowl, spoon, iron, and an ironing board.  After mixing all the dry ingrediants you add the oil and then bag the mixture.  You iron shut the bags to seal them.  They included the sewing kit so you can add embroidery to decorate your bags.  After you get things how you want them you toss this into your tub and let it steep for 10-15 minutes, then relax and enjoy.

20160525_175318 20160525_175327 20160525_175342

The bonus craft this month is DIY Bath Tea Envelopes.  To complete this they have sent out pre-printed envelope templates and a glue stick.  You need to use your own scissors.  It is super hard to see in real life and almost impossible in the picture but there are lines and words on the back of the pages.  You simply cut them out and then glue the flaps to make an envelope to hold you tea bags.  The pages are lightly coloured with a marble pattern.

This month is wonderful.  I like the idea of making something that will be used instead of simply being decorative.  The crafts are not crazy complicated and yet they look like they will be nice enough to give as a gift.  It doesn’t matter too much to me that they are encouraging recycling or upcycling but there isn’t a downside to that.  I don’t think that you can accurately value a box like this but it’s probably fair.  Having two months to make these up before another box arrives means I may actually get them done.


Super Geek Box May 2016

Super Geek Box is a monthly subscription that sends out Geek and Gamer gear.  You always get a shirt but everything else is up in the air.  You could get Funkos or Dorbz, keychains, posters, or stickers.  Every month has a theme that the items are based on so it changes up all the time.  Boxes start at $13.92 plus $13.00 shipping a month but go down with longer plans.  All plans automatically renew so you do need to be careful if you want to cancel.  I’ve resisted getting too deep into the geek boxes just because there are so many and trying to pick is pretty difficult.  All of them are really varied and from looking at past boxes I decided to give Super Geek Box a try.  This month’s theme is Hero.

20160524_165223 20160524_165249

They ship in a bright blue box with their name plastered all over it.  Opening it up showed me a part of a shirt and not a damn thing more.

20160524_165308 20160524_165319

They include a folded info card.  It shows you all the variations of items you could have received and let’s you know to take pics of yourself in the tee and hashtag them, so you can be entered into the sweepstakes.


Funko Pop Plushies Captain America

I love this so much and there is no way this will stay in my possession.  Bug already spotted it and was wondering who it was for.  I said me but I don’t think she’s buying that.  It’s so freaking cute and I just want to keep it with me everywhere!  Best item ever.  You could have also received Rocket Racoon, but I’m stoked with this one. So CUTE!!!


Super Geek Box Legend of 404 Mousepad

This makes me smile.  So far this box is turning out to be great!  Link was a part of my youth and the humour in this tickles my funny bone.  This is going to work with me I think since I don’t use a mouse pad at home anymore.


Super Geek Box Super Friends Dynamic Duo AIr Freshener

So the awesomeness of this box just keeps going.  Superman air freshener.  Yay!  The other option was Wonder Woman, which I would have been okay with too.  I can’t smell it through the package so I don’t know if it smells like sweaty tights or pine trees but it looks cool and my car needs a new one.


Super Geek Box Gamer Life Wristband

Okay now this is my favourite item (for now).  I have no idea when I would ever wear a wristband but if I did this one is perfect.  YOLO….unless you get that green mushroom baby!


SGB The Swiftpoke Mini Poster

I get that this is a play on the Flash but I don’t know the character they are bringing in so I don’t really get this.  The info card says “Ever wonder what happens when you evolve with a thunderstone?”  Anyone help me out here?


SGB The Legend Of Bubblegum T-Shirt

Now we have a mashup of Legend of Zelda and Adventure Time.  I know very little about Adventure Time but if my friends are to be believed I’m missing out.  The shirt is great though and gladly joins my growing collection.


As always there is a pin with the theme on it.  I don’t have much use for them but since this one has Superman and Wonder Woman on it I know Bug will be happy to get it.


This month was truly epic!!!  I loved it all, minus the poster but that to me is just filler anyways.   While none of the fandoms are my big favourites, the items made me so happy and smiley that I don’t care.  That’s the big gamble with the geek boxes, if you get a theme for something you are not a fan of, the whole box can be a letdown.  Next month’s theme is Villain, and they are promising an “epic exclusive t-shirt” in it.


White Willow May 2016

White Willow is a monthly lifestyle box that sends out surprise items from beauty, fashion, home, culinary, or all around lifestyle themes.  They ship out four to five items and are a Canadian company.  That makes me so happy I was okay paying slightly more than I normally would for a box.  They promise a value of $70, so let’s hope they meet that.  Subscriptions start at $35 a month but do go down a bit with longer plans.  Shipping to here is $8.50/month.


They ship in a very sturdy, well branded box.  It actually comes in a plain outer box but once you get inside that is this one.

20160510_174657 20160510_174712

They have great presentation.  Inside the branding continues with a ribbon and the lid of the box printed as well.  The first look at the items didn’t really give me much to go off of.


When you open up the info card, the professionalism just continues.  There are good pictures of each item and write-ups about the products, including prices in Canadian!


Dauville Bottle Coaster in Gold-$22.00

Well I have to admit I had no clue there was such a thing as a bottle coaster.  Obviously I am not high class enough for things like that.  I thought it was just a fancy trinket bowl.  It is beautiful glazed porcelain with a gold rim.  I think it will hold my jewelry perfectly.


Artisan Edibles Jelly in Raspberry Cardamom-$13.00

There were two possible flavours sent out this month, the other being Blueberry Lavender.  This is made for discerning palates, or so it says, and can be used not only on toast but also with pork, duck, game hen, cheese, or to sweeten your tea.  It tastes delicious and will be delightful on toast, since none of those other options will happen in this house.

20160510_174734 20160510_174738

They also included a card with the suggested cheese pairings if you needed suggestions.


Striped Infinity Scarf-$24.00

This is a really nice scarf.  It is light and soft and bunches up perfectly around my neck.  You could have received 3 colour options, pink coral, denim blue, or cafe latte as I got.  I have a few scarves and am still working out how to wear them so getting one that seems to be almost effortless in application is a great thing.


Flora Bodycare All Natural “Vanilla + Coconut” Body Scrub-$17.00

This is a vegan, natural, and chemical free body scrub.  I can pronounce and identify every ingredient in it.  I love bath products, even though being in a bathroom alone is a bit of a stretch at this point in my life.


Brookside Dark Chocolate Soft Fruit Flavoured Treat

They list this as a bonus item for the box.  I never see chocolate as a bad thing and any other Brookside items I’ve tried have been delicious so I will savour these a few at a time to make them last.

My second box leaves me just as impressed as my first box from White Willow. The value is $76.00 so they made good on their promise.  This month definitely was maybe geared to a more sophisticated person than myself but I like everything in it and will gladly try it all out.  Sometimes you find things you can no longer live without and sometimes not so much.  I am always happy to find a Canadian box and this one is a good one! If you want to try them out click here.

Curiosity Box May 2016

Curiosity Box is a Canadian monthly subscription that sends out craft and activity boxes for children 3-7.  They hope to inspire curiosity and creativity in kids and help families have quality time together.  You can buy single boxes or 3,6,and 12 month plans.  You can also get Curiosity Kits that are made for birthday parties, homeschooling or daycare groups.  Single boxes start at $26.55 and plans begin at $26.50/month and go down with longer subscriptions.  Shipping within Canada in included!  In the monthly plans they include an item from their current partner and in the months published, a copy of Parent’s Canada magazine.  I have been looking to replace the craft one I was getting for Bug so finding one and a Canadian one to boot os awesome!


Not much is able to be told from opening the box.  Neatly wrapped up and held with a sticker.


Opening that showed me way more of the fun inside.

20160510_174146 20160510_174151

The fold out flyer tells you the theme for the month, Yee-Haw, along with instructions for the crafts.  There are also other activity ideas and fun facts relating to the items and theme.


This is a Cowboy Scene Tissue Paper Kit.  You have to punch out parts of the black foam and layer tissue paper squares over to create a stained glass look.  This is a bit more advanced for Bug but we will give it a try maybe one rainy day.


Foam Sherriff’s Badge

This will be a quick and easy one to get done.  Bug really enjoys playing dress up so I think she will be happy to wear this once done.


Ranch Door Knob Hanger Kit

We have made a bunch of different door hangers and they always are fun.  This one has a horse wearing a hat and should provide giggles.

20160510_174229 20160510_174306

Cowboy Boot Spur Toss Game

The blue item on the right is a paper bag that you decorate with the boot foam cutouts.  You then toss “spurs” in to bag and most in wins.  The bandana patterned thing is a slap bracelet for dress up.


There are also a few activity sheets to do.


This bag has some of the other items you need to complete the crafts.  There is glue, a cotton ball, the balls (spurs), and a plastic cup.  There is also a notepad and pack of crayons.


As I mentioned in the intro, if it’s a month where the magazine is published, they nclude one.

I think this is going to be a good box for Bug.  She loves these kind of crafts, and I like that most are simple and quick enough to do before bed or supper.  The crafts seem to be coming from Oriental Trading and I’m fine with that because I would totally be ordering from there myself if I could figure out hat to do with the 17 other packages of the same crafts you need to buy at once.  The instructions are clear and the additional activities don’t require crazy supplies no one would have.  I am grateful to find any Canadian boxes and am glad to support them.  If you want to join this one, send me a message and I can give you a code for a discount off a 3 month plan.




L.V.Kiki May 2016

L.V.Kiki is a monthly subscription box of 4-6 fashion accessories.  You can either sign up for the plans or if you want to see what type of things they send out you can order a one off trial box.  The boxes may include jewelry, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, legwear, belts, and hair accessories. Boxes start at $19.00 per month and shipping to here was less then $1.00 per month.  I was in the market for an accessories box and after finding a discount code for this one I got it at a great price. Shipping was super quick and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.


Everything ships in a branded box.  Even the tape on the top was branded.

20160518_173627 20160518_173643

Things stayed neat on the inside too.  Inside the paper are a whole bunch of little bags, keeping all of the items separate from each other.


Everything out of the box but still in its individual packaging.  It makes it feel like there are bunches of presents not just one.  This is their Emily box and it is one you can purchase as a trial if you like it.


Printed Kimono Scarf with Fringe

I could not find a way to photograph this that shows how it looks.  It is sheer and looks a bit like a poncho.  The colours are beautiful and the fringe is fun.  I’m just starting to wear scarves and the like so I don’t know where or where I will give this a try but I like it.


Metal Diamond Dust Bangle With Feather and Acrylic Stones

This is slightly big for my wrist, but I have tiny wrists.  As a result I need to wear it half way up my forearm or it twists around and gets in the way.  Even with all that I think it’s pretty and I want to wear it.  I think I can tighten it up by squeezing it so that’ll make it all good.


4 Row Necklace With Evil Eye, Arrow, and Feather

I guess they classify this as one necklace but you could easily wear each one separate as well.  Two of them are gold and two are silver.  The chains are all smaller links, which I like and even the feather pendant is not huge.  I am wary of statement jewelry, but I will have to trust that they are shipping me things that work.


Gold Beaded, Daisy Trim, and Braided Elastic Headwraps

They consider these to be three items, where iI saw them as one since they all came tied together.  The daisy and the braided one are a little big for my head but I did try them when I had my hair in a bun so they may fit different with it down.  I think these are so pretty and I have looked at similar items in stores but have never bought any.

All of the items come with the L.V.Kiki brand tags on them so I cannot find pricing.  If you bought this box on it’s own they charge $25.00 and that is about $6.00 per item, which I think is very worth it.  It almost seems like a steal at the prices I paid.  If the rest of my boxes are as good as this one was for me I will be more than happy.  I think this will be one of those boxes that was a great find!



Paper & Pen May 2016

Paper & Pen is a monthly subscription box that promises to send out 3-4 paper goods and supplies each month.  They pick items from around the globe and send those unique items to you.  Boxes start at $20 a month but go down with longer plans.  Shockingly for me, shipping is free!  Let’s see what they sent out!


This subscription ships in a plain bubble mailer.  Inside that there is a neatly wrapped package, sealed with a label sticker.


Everything I found inside the wrapping. Looks like a pretty grouping of items.  The theme is Natural and I can see where that comes in.


Hamutelet Handbound Printed Notebook-$8.76

This is a beautiful notebook.  The pages are blank and cram coloured, while the cover is a heavy kraft paper.  I do prefer a lined book but since this one is very delicate and feminine I’ll put it to use.


Floral Retractable Pens-$1.00 x 2

These are a fine point, blue ink pen.  They say Your Happy Story on the clip, and Happy on the body of them.  They write easily and smoothly.  These will be put to use.


Natural Wood Erasable Pens-$1.00 x 2

These are cool.  They look like a pencil but they are erasable pens! I enjoy a good erasable pen and these are cute to boot.  They also write smoothly and are a black ink that seems more like a gel then an ink.


Floral Mini Clothespins-$0.88 x 2

These little guys are adorable but very useless for anything beyond being decorative.  I use them to hold papers onto my calendar.

I’ve been happy with this box.  There is not a ton of stuff in it but that was made clear in their info.  The value for this month is $14.52.  That is a little low I feel but I’m still hoping for the values to go up.  I like that some of the products are from smaller companies and Etsy companies.  It shows that they really do search out interesting items instead of just buying lots off Amazon.


Topbox May 2016

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box.  I had stopped getting this one for a while because I felt they were sending out too many of the same type of samples.  I am giving them a try again because I now get almost no makeup boxes anymore and since this one is Canadian and inexpensive it let’s me dabble with a small commitment.

20160518_173236 20160518_173305

I always choose to not get the outer box and so my package comes in a purple mailer bag and an organza bag inside that.

20160518_173323_001 20160518_173333

On one side of the info card is advertizing for their latest special one off box.  The back reveals what items are in the bag this month, where to buy them if you want more, and the prices.


Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask-100g $2.17

This is not the first time I’ve received this item but since I really like it, I’m okay with the repeat.  This mask makes a noticeable difference for me.  You can either leave it on for 15 minutes for the full effect or use it like a conditioner and rinse after 3 minutes.  It smells great and leaves my hair smooth and in better shape then before.

20160518_173434 20160518_173345

Bliss fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage-15mL $8.55

This jar is filled with a cream that is made just for your boobs!  It recognizes that the skin there is very delicate and requires a little more care than we might normally give it.  After 4 years of my own being used as on demand feeding stations they probably need a bit of care.


Pur-Lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF30-10mL $12.55

I love tinted BB creams like this because there are some days where I can’t be bothered to do the whole routine and this makes it all in one.  The colour they sent is perfect for my skin tone and it left me looking neat.  This may become one of those ones that I have to buy after using.


Bioderma Sebium AKN Anti-Aging Resurfacing Purifying Care-30mL $27.00

This tube promises to make everything to do with your skin better.  It smoothes wrinkles, corrects blemishes, adds radiance, and prevents aging.  The packaging say it is the new generation of the product so I’m guessing they’ve made some improvements.

This month’s box has a value of $5027. Holy Crap!!  I like the items I got this time and am happy with all of them. There is the one dupicalte item but since it’s something I use and like it’s okay.  The good thing is that since they only do month to month subscriptions I can cancel this without any hassle if it gets really repetitive.  As I mentioned above I like that it’s a Canadian box and that it’s really reasonably priced but it is not always varied.   If you are interested in getting your own Topbox send me a message and I can give you a link or you can visit them here.


Juneberry April 2016

Juneberry Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends out 4-5 full-sized lifestyle items.  These may include jewelry, accessories, make-up or wellness products.  They are a Canadian company as well.  Boxes start at $28.50 every two months but go down with longer plans.  Shipping within Canada is free.  If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a code for $15.00 off a subscription.  Let’s check out what Juneberry has sent!


This is the side of the box.  The top and bottom both had my address on them so there was no excuse for this box not to find it’s way to me.  This box felt really light so I wasn;t sure what I would find inside.

20160516_180037 20160516_180055

Opening up the lid gave me more purple!  Once I took off the card and peeled back the tissue paper I could see a few things but lots was hidden from me.


The info card tells me the theme for the month, Geometric Me.   They take that to mean that everyone is unique and that you should never hide that from the world. The card also tells you what it is you can find in the box and the pricing of it.


Confident Shapes Long Geometric Necklace-$10.00

So for the first thing out of the box, it makes me think I’m going to enjoy this box!  This necklace is very pretty and though it seems like it should be clunky, it’s quite delicate.  The lower v is a soft turquoise and goes well with the gold.  I rarely would choose yellow gold jewelry if I was picking but  surprisingly I really like this one.


Beauty In Triangles Triangular Geometric Earrings-$12.00

I would never, ever, pick these for myself.  That being said I’m not that averse to them.  They are about 1-1/2″ overall, so not that big.  They are gold edged, with white and black enamel triangles.  Black is a fairly standard choice in my wardrobe so these will go with plenty of things.


Flash Tattoos Assorted Metallic Tattoos-$4.85

I’m not sure how I feel about these.  I think that the metallic tattoo fad is only able to be pulled off by people under 25 and that isn’t me.  I want to wear these but there is a chance that they will go to the girls, who love fake tattoos.


Sunshine & Stripes Assorted Coloured Socks-$10.00

There is simply no way these socks are worth $10.  Maybe if this was a pack of 6 or 8 but not on their own.  They are fun and bright and stripy but they are just regular socks. I like socks so I’m happy to get more and these ones do say look at me.


Animal Kingdom Adult Colouring Book-$8.00

I have a few adult colouring books and a brand new package of pencil crayons but I seem to not make the time to actually colour.  This book has extremely detailed pictures in it.  Each one will take hours to colour in.  It’ll go on the shelf and maybe this summer I can sit outside in the evenings and make art.


Also tossed in the box were four gems.  I gave these to the girls, who LOVE them.

I’m quite happy with my first Juneberry box.  It had items I would not pick for myself but that it turns out I like.  The only item this month that is a little downer is the tattoos but that’s just my preference not a reflection of the item itself.  The overall box value is $44.85, but I think that is slightly inflated because of the socks.  I think it’s still fairly good though and  about double the box price.  Shipping was quick as well due to them being a Canadian company.  If you want to check them out click here.