LVL Up+ by Loot Crate April 2016

LVL Up is a monthly subscription catering to people looking for geek clothing and accessories.  They allow you to choose between four options, socks, t-shirts, wearables, and female accessories.  You can also select the wearable and sock bundle if you wanted more than just the one choice.  Plans start from $11.99USD and while shipping is included in the US to get things here you need additional shipping fees.  I have chosen the accessories option which sends out 1-2 items each month.  This month’s theme was Quest.


Level Up ships in a bubble mailer with the logo on it.  I knew what was going to be inside because they had sent out emails reminding you to pick a size so the soft feel wasn’t a surprise.


The info booklet is a little different this month.  Instead of a booklet it is a huge folded one.


When you open it all up you get a large map of the fandoms of the theme.


My accessory for the month is a pair of Exclusive Star Trek Leggings.  They show the Enterprise soaring across the galaxy.  These are the first pair of leggings I have ever owned.  I don’t feel that they are a flattering item on almost anyone but they will be fine for around the house or layering in winter.

Well I complained last month about getting a necklace three months in a row and now that  they have changed it up I’m still not happy.  The only positive for me is that  I love Star Trek.  This is the first month that I’ve received one of my fandoms.  There was no little extras this month. I’m having some buyers regret with this one.  It’s neat stuff but so far nothing that has wowed me.  You can visit their site by clicking here to explore all the options.


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