Rag Tag Box April 2016

Rag Tag Box is a monthly craft and ephemera box.  They include all sorts of things and a cross stitch project each month based on a theme that could be fun, scary, sci-fi, or movie related.  They offer a few different options including paper crafts, stitchy mini, or full size and prices start at  $15.00.  They also have a shop online where you can buy projects or downloadable projects.  I went for the full sized box.  The theme for April is Badass Unicorns.   I received an email from them saying that they will be discontinuing the full size box but you can still get the Stitchy Box or a digital download of a pattern each month.  That makes me a bit sad because I have found this box to be fun but at least the site is not closing totally.


The standard pizza box was delivered this month and contained such bright yellow paper!


Inside of that was the great collection of stuff I was waiting for.  I love opening this box.


They included a code for 15% any purchase in their shop and a bookmark that gives you some shop details on the back.


So these might just be the best stickers ever!   The show a unicorn looking pretty badass doing a variety of things.  At least one of these is going to go to my co-worker because it’s just so her.  Did I mention how sad I was that this box was going away????


You can’t go wrong with a roll of washi. This one ig lime green and while you can’t really see it in the picture has chevrons on it.  I don’t have a washi obsession but I do have one bag full of rolls that covers me in pretty much any situation I would need it for.

20160414_194909 20160414_194931

The next treasure out was a colouring book and 2 multi-colour pencil crayons.  The images in the book are the same as the stickers, just blank.  I only have a few adult colouring books so I’m happy to add to my stash.  Maybe I could take these to work and when it’s slow make masterpieces??  I have received one of these pencils before from them but since this is the last month for this type of box I can’t blame them for using up stuff they might have had on hand.

20160414_195014 20160414_195030

There is a bunch of assorted  things in here too.  Paperclip book mark, little bag, gift tag, pencil that says Be Fabulous, jumbo paper straw, and a length of craft twine.


This blank card is beautiful.  One can never really have too many blank cards.  So useful to have around.


As we keep digging into the box we find another paperclip bookmark, a large paper bag, a polka dot snack cup, and a paper doily.


These two pieces of cardstock are printed on both sides.  Not sure what I’ll put them to use in but I know they will come in handy someday.


The last bit of stuff before the kit is a sheet of stickers to celebrate birthdays and a small toothpick flag.

20160414_195156 20160414_195204

So here is the whole reason I get this box.  Can I just say that with this being my last box from them as well I couldn’t have gone out on a better choice.  They give you everything you need to do this up minus scissors and skill.  Thankfully I have both of those so no problems there!  I’ve managed to finish a few of the other ones I’ve received and I can tell you there is plenty of thread to finish them.  This is one of the larger ones they’ve sent out and I can’t wait to hang this up.

There is no way I could value this box but I do love it!  I had been looking for something crafty for myself since Embellished Boxes seem to have imploded and this is it.  If you are thinking this may be something you’d like next month’s theme is Alien Antics.  You can still get the kits sent to you it’s just the other fun stuff in the box that is no longer offered. You can visit their site by clicking here.


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