Fanspirations March 2016

Fanspirations is a monthly delivery of products and presents based off pretty much any fandom you might be a part of.  You can even change which fandom you want to receive every month if you want to.  They offer three sizes of box depending on how much of your fandom you want to receive each month.  The Perfect Deal is $13.00 and gives you 2-4 items, Favourite Deal is $30.00 and includes 5-7 items, and Best Deal is $50.00 and sends 8-11 items.  There are 11 open fandoms right now but the whole collection has 14.  You can choose from 4 plan lengths with a slight price break for longer plans.  This one did take a little while to get to me but now that it’s here let’s see what I can fangirl out with.  My plan right now is Potterhead and I just went with the Perfect Deal.


Everything shipped out in this bright red padded envelope with a big sticker to let me know what was in there.  There is no info card enclosed but I’m guessing there are so many variety of boxes sent out that that might be difficult.


First out of the bag is an Advanced Potion Making bookmark.  These sell in the Etsy shop for $2.67 and are magnetic so you lay them over the page and it sticks to itself.  This is such a simple idea and I love it.  I am forever losing my bookmarks so getting another one that in a very small way shows my love of Harry Potter.


There is nothing to identify where this bracelet is from but I like it.  I have the smallest wrists ever and this not only fits me but looks nice on me.  The words under the bubble say “Turn to page 394”, which unless you have watched HP more than once you wouldn’t have a clue.  For you Muggles out there it’s something Snape says as he walks into a classroom.


This I love and am going to have to find a frame for!  It is word art in the shape of Snape’s head.  It is full of references to Snape and is 6×8″.  They are selling 8×10″ ones on the site for $19.00 so based on square inch price this would be worth $11.50.


Last up is a tote bag with the Patronus one it.  I didn’t get a picture of the other side but it says ” After All This Time” and then reverses to “Always”.  It is not a very thick bag but will be good for books or other not too heavy items.

This month is obviously a tribute to Alan Rickman.  All of the pieces are based from his character and that’s okay with me.  It was a sad day in Potterville when he passed.  I had no idea what to really be expecting from this box and I am very happy with what I ended up with.  I’ll probably switch my fandoms up every once in awhile because they do have a few more of my favourites listed!  I love that you get to choose and not just hope like hell they don’t pick something you can’t stand.


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