Beauteque BB Bag March 2016

The Beauteque BB Bag is a monthly subscription that sends you out 6-8 full sized products from make-up, skin care, beauty tools, body care, hair care, or lifestyle products.  It is Asian beauty products that are included and I love all the odd things they include.  They do offer a mask only bag as well that will send you 9-11 masks.  Bags start at $24 or $15 for the masks and do go down with longer plans. Shipping to here was $6.95/month.


Opening up my one gave me no clue as to what would be in here.


Under that I found my bag, a large jar that didn’t fit in the bag, and the info card.

20160406_172527 20160406_172539

The card lets me know that the theme is Moisturising Mix & More.  The inside shows you what you will receive and also gives you the down low on how to use them since most of the directions on the products won’t be in English.


The bag feels like a coated cotton and is quite large.  The pattern is cute too.


The Face Shop Daegwallyong Fresh Milk Cream-$15.00

I have ordered many things from The Face Shop and think they are good so I’m happy to see anything from them.  This is a whitening cream but since I’m about as pale as you can be that doesn’t matter.  I’ve never had a problem with whitening products affecting my skin so I don’t worry when I see one.  This can be used on both you face and body and has almost no scent to it.  The jar is huge, which is why it didn’t fit in the bag and will last a long time.


Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream-$12.99

Yes you read that right….snail.  They use a product snails secrete as an ingredient for anti-aging.  I’m cool with it.  This will also help reduce dark circles, which lately I am needing as sleep is ending way too soon.


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch-$4.80

These are little patches that you place over your pimples to stop irritation and absorb excess oil from them.  They say you can wear them under makeup but they don’t seem thin enough really.  You can also wear them at night, which seems like a better plan.  You need to switch them out everyday.  I wish these had arrived earlier because I have this thing on my chin that could have used this!


Ladykin Glow Lipstick in Rose Pink-$8.50

So this seemed really more coral than pink in the tube but is a perfect pink once on.  I like this colour and can’t wait to wear it!  There were various colours sent out.


Egg Brush Cleaner-$8.00

This odd little thing is used for cleaning your makeup brushes.  You dip them into a mix of soap and water then stick your finger in the egg and rub the ridges over the brush to clean it.  You can use the nubs on the end for smaller brushes.


Urban Dollkiss Velvety Skin Triple Mini BB Cream-$12.00

This is a good colour match for me.  It is SPF50, moisturises, and smoothes the skin all in one.  It’s always a bit of a tossup if you’ll get the right tone for your skin so I’m happy.

This was my first bag from them and I am so happy.  I love that everything is full sized and that I know a few of the companies they sent out.  The value was $61.29 so about three times the price.  I have already seen all the spoilers for next month because they send them out, which I don’t care for.  I want to be surprised and usually avoid the spoilers from other people so it’s not cool.

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