Uniquely You April 2016

Uniquely You is a subscription box with a difference from the normal ones.  They tailor each box to you personally so each one is different from the next.  When you sign up they have 20 categories you can choose from to base your box on.  They also send you a little quiz after to get to know you better filled with some serious and some frivolous questions.  I chose the Mystery Box category and after filling in my quiz they responded and asked if there were any of the categories I did not have any interest in. I told them that Festivals & Party Supplies, Men’s Fashion Accessories, Cats, and Smoking Accessories were not to my interest and they said nothing from those would be sent.  Boxes are $29.99 a month but go down a lot if you choose a longer term.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars and the box is based out of British Columbia.


The box was very different shaped this month from last.  Once again I had no clue what would be inside but I was looking forward to peeking under that tissue paper!


There is not an info card, which considering that each box is personalized, is not a surprise.   They do include a letter that lists your items and is addressed to you(me) and signed by the owners.


English Tea Shop Organic Tea Bags-$9.36

I love tea so this is great.  They sent me White Tea, Blueberry & Elderflower flavour and it smells really nice.  I usually have at least one cup of tea a day and these are a perfect addition to my tea rotation.

20160408_131617 20160408_131753

Blue Chintz Fine CHina Tea Cup & Saucer-$10.00 Approx.

How fantastic is this???  First I get the tea and now I get the cup and saucer to drink it from.  For the amount of tea I do drink I don’t actually have a tea cup, I just use a regular mug.  This is microwave and dishwasher safe and so pretty.  They had it well wrapped up in bubble wrap and it made it here in one piece.


Macarons de Pauline-3pk $4.13

Is it odd that I’ve never had one of these?  This pack includes chocolate, pistachio and strawberry flavours.  They suggest to have them with your tea but that probably won’t happen.  They look almost too pretty to eat.


Kreinik Metallics Ombre Thread-$2.38

According to the letter, this was included to add to my needlework collection…..how did they know I have one?????  Creepy.  Anyways, this is beautiful and can be used for crochet, cross stitch, and needlepoint.  While it may not go with the rest of the items in the box, it is something I like and will use.

I am so happy I found this box.  My second one is like nothing else I’ve ever received or anything like the first one, and while nothing in it is specific to answers I gave it is still a mix of things that I will enjoy.  This box is worth $25.87 and it’s so well put together!  I can’t wait to see what other boxes will bring because I know literally have zero idea of what to expect.

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