LVL UP+ by Loot Crate March 2016

LVL Up is a monthly subscription catering to people looking for geek clothing and accessories.  They allow you to choose between four options, socks, t-shirts, wearables, and female accessories.  You can also select the wearable and sock bundle if you wanted more than just the one choice.  Plans start from $11.99USD and while shipping is included in the US to get things here you need additional shipping fees.  I have chosen the accessories option which sends out 1-2 items each month.  This month’s theme was The VS Collection.


Everything comes shipped in a padded envelope.  It didn’t feel too full this month but I’ve felt everything else I’ve received from them has been okay so I kept my hopes up.


There is always a booklet included that tells you not only what you received but also what the other plan types got too.


Exclusive Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Hair Ties-$9.00

So there is already a fight over these as my superhero obsessed children are asking if they are theirs and I want them!  I love this type of hair tie and think these ones are cool.  The price is approximate based on how much these go for on average, not necessarily superhero ones.


Exclusive Batman V Superman Bestie Necklace Set-$30.00?

These are cool.  They are silver plated and licenced.  The chain is maybe a bit manly for me and I wouldn’t wear these to work but they are fun and I could show my personal allegiance if I chose one or the other.  Again, since these are exclusive I guessed at the price based on what other similar jewelry made by Bioworld sells for.

I am still not sure how I feel about getting a necklace three boxes in a row now.  There are other accessories out there.  I do like that they threw in a little something extra.  I’m really hoping to get a few things from my specific fandoms soon.  If I was getting the sock package I’d have got some Super Mario socks and that would have been awesome. You can visit their site by clicking here to explore all the options.

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