La Papierre Stationery Subscription Service March 2016

La Papierre is a stationery subscription service.  The have three different plans depending on how much paper you want/need each month.  Plan A gives you 6 notepads with 4 sheets each for $10.00.  Plan B gives you 6 designs with 8 sheets each for $20.00. Plan C gives you 6 designs with 24 sheets each for $40.00.  All plans have free shipping in Canada. This subscription is based out of Vermont, previously Quebec, and they have an Etsy shop as well where you can purchase stationery sets in addition to notepads.  You used to get a few new designs and a few best sellers.  Now you get all new ones each month.

20160401_162322 20160401_162308 20160401_162258

The designs this month are all really nice.  Sometimes they are more cute than classy (which I love btw) but this time it’s almost like I become a real adult using them.  There are two music themed ones here, jazz bar and music paper.  The mouse and fox is my favourite from these three though.  Just touching and sweet.

20160401_162210 20160401_162236 20160401_162227

The bunny makes me think of Spring…..Easter and rainy days all in one.  The flower one is beautiful, I would be happy to get a letter on it so I hope my recipients feel the same way.  The last one is pure fun.  Food cracking puns??? Doesn’t get much better.

I really like La Papierre.  I tend to use up most of what I get each month so it works out perfectly.  As I mentioned I just went with Plan A so there is only 4 of each style.  I like that  I only spend $10.00 here, so that leaves me room to convince myself I could buy paper elsewhere too.  If you want some paper for yourself click here to get to their website.

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