Miss Tutii Tutii Bag March 2016

Miss Tutii is an Asian beauty subscription that offers a few different options.  You can choose from the TutiiBox, TutiiBag, or the TutiiMask.  Plans start at $12.00 and there is a shipping charge to Canada.  They ship out popular or trending items from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.  Your package may include skincare, makeup, hair care , beauty tools, or body and you can expect 4-5 deluxe or full sized items.   The TutiiBag is just a smaller version of the TutiiBox so if you subscribed to both you will get duplicates.


This showed up in a bright pink mailer bag.  Inside was this little pouch.

20160323_182254 20160323_182311

There were two cards in the bag.  The one with the bunny is the info card.  It tells you everything in your bag plus pricing.  It also, thankfully, has the directions for each item since most do not have much English on the packaging.  The other card is instructions on how to use the swap feature and some basic information about earning points on their site.  Up to three times a year you can request to swap out an item you received for something else on their site.  I think that’s a great idea and really super customer service if you absolutely hate something you can try something else.


Etude House Real Art No-Wash Cleansing Water-25mL $1.25

This cleansing water is moisturising and gets rid of dead skin as well.  You just put some on a cotton ball and wipe off all your makeup.  It recommends that you hold it on your eyes for a few seconds before wiping to loosen the makeup first but there is no need to rinse after.


Rire VVVic Lip Scrub-10mL $2.18

This is a lip exfoliator that gets rid of the dry, flaky skin and leaves your lips soft and supple.  It doesn’t look like a scrub, it seems like a lotion until you start to rub it on and then you can feel the mild scrubbers in it.  It tastes horrible if you get a little in your mouth, which is almost impossible not to do.  My lips do feel softer though, even just doing a quick scrub so I’ll need to learn how to keep my lips tighter I guess.


It’s Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam Cleanser-34g $4.99

This cleanser has aloe vera and green tea extract to gently clean without irritating skin.  There were various scents sent out and I got banana.  It foams up really well and I used only a tiny bit.  I originally thought my skin felt a touch tight after using it but a minute later it feels soft and smooth.

20160323_182352 20160323_182401

Natur SC Egg Sleeping Pack-8g $3.00

This is the oddest thing I have ever received.  This is a night mask.  You take the little spatula and mix up the “egg”, than apply it to your face.  In something that’s fairly common in Asian beauty products this is also a whitening product but I’ve never had any irritation from using them.  I think you would have to be much more religious about using them to make a difference.


Tony Moly Delight Tony Lip Tint-9mL $6.00

This is a lip stain.  It goes on easily and smells great but then once it dries it is on there!  It tells you that if you keep adding layers it will get to whatever darkness you want.  It also moisturises as you use it.  I have been wanting to try the Tony Moly products at Sephora so this makes me very happy.

This was my first bag from them and I liked it.  There is nothing in this one that I would want to swap so I’ll have to try that feature out later.  This month had a value of $17.42, which is not too much higher than I paid but still good.  I like getting the Asian beauty products and it’s been a while since I got many so this subscription should be a fun one.

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