LuxePineapple Box Of Joy March 2016

LuxePineapple is a website that offers makeup and skincare items.  They also have what they call the Box Of Joy, which is not a subscription but rather a collection they put together every month.  They switch up the themes and while they do list all the items included it is still a fun box.  They do call them a Glossary Box as well, not to be confused with GlossyBox though.  Boxes range from $17-$20 and shipping to Canada is $6.00.


This version of the box is the Surprise Box Of Joy.  It came as pretty as the first one and I really do love that they personalise them!   There was no info card or anything but that’s not really odd since this is a surprise box.


Hmmmm…..interesting first peek.  It gives me nothing!


Ellison’s Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer in Peach De-Luxe-$16.11

This is a handmade polish from you can buy from an Etsy shop.  This colour is super cute and I think it’s a bit more pink than peach but it has great micro-shimmer and I like it.  It’s also nice that it is 3-free.  Anytime there is less crap in a nail polish it’s good, especially if I put it on the girls and they keep sticking fingers in their mouths.


Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Hydra-Soothing Moisturising Mask-$1.20

This is something I received in my other box from them but I can’t be mad because that is kinda the point of mystery boxes, they fill them with things leftover from previous ones.  This package is very full of serum.  It is a sheet mask, which have become one of my favourite things since getting boxes.  This one promises to improve fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating the collagen fibres in your skin to make you glow.  It was interesting to find anything out about it as the webpage was all in Chinese but thankfully Google Translate came through for me.


Pineapple Lovely Nail File-$0.99

I can’t find a price for this exact one but that’s a fair price for them online so I’ll go with it.  You can never go wrong having files stashed everywhere.


Justneem Cuticle Care-$9.50

This brush on oil helps prevent fungus, heals dry skin, and helps hang nails.  You twist the bottom of the pen and then just brush on the resulting oil.  I have lots of hang nails because I work with paper all day and my hands get so dry.


Mood Enhance Bath Bomb-$10.07

This came all wrapped in it’s own nest so I left it there to snap the picture.  It smells fantastic and soften the water as well as your skin.  It says it will leave you scented to uplift your spirits all day.


Timeless Truth Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum-$12.06

Again I have Google translate to thank for being able to get anything on this.  This serum uses the acid, ceramide, algae, glacier, and baobab extracts.  It promises to keep your skin plump and full all day.  It has no smell and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy or anything.  It’s made by the same people who did the mask above.

I enjoyed this box as well.  The value was $49.93, which is double the cost. They have sent out an email saying in April there will be a LuxePineapple Post which will be a monthly subscription for $24.00.  I will keep checking the site and even if they don’t do one will buy these boxes as they become available.  You can see things for yourself by clicking here.



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