Topbox March 2016

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box.  I had stopped getting this one for a while because I felt they were sending out too many of the same type of samples.  I am giving them a try again because I now get almost no makeup boxes anymore and since this one is Canadian and inexpensive we’ll see how it goes this time.


In honour of Earth Day all subscribers got their orders in the organza bag instead of having the choice to get the bag or the tube.


Jelly Pong Pong Lychee Gel Softening Shower & Bath Gel-$15.95 Full Size

So once again this is a duplicate from Luxe Box.  It smells really nice though and lathers great.  I still feel that this is the tiniest full size ever but this brand has been good to me and I’m happy to get it.


MaskerAide All Eyes On Me Hydrating Eye Gel Patches-$6.25

These eye patches are supposed to brighten, hydrate, and firm the undereye area.  I’m glad to see that this set of eye patches are not expired, like a set they had sent out previously.  You can stick these in the freezer to get extra cooling  effect.


Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care Nova Scotia Fisherman Fisher-Mint-$4.95

This is another company I’m glad to have discovered through boxes.  This lip balm is super minty and tingly on your lips.  The ingredients are natural and they also included a code to get a free balm in one of the other flavours available if you place an order with them.


Teeez Trend Cosmetics La Isla Chique Brushes-$5.67

It seems like there might have been an assortment of brushes sent out and I received the Angled Brush.  It is very soft and can be used for eyes or brows.  I have got one other of their brushes and they don’t shed or anything like that.

This month’s box has a value of $32.82.  Only one double this time so yay!!! I like the items I got this time and am happy with all of them. The good thing is that since they only do month to month subscriptions I can cancel this without any hassle if it gets really repetitive.  As I mentioned above I like that it’s a Canadian box and that it’s really reasonably priced but it is not always varied.   If you are interested in getting your own Topbox send me a message and I can give you a link or you can visit them here.

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