Rag Tag Box March 2016

Rag Tag Box is a monthly craft and ephemera box.  They include all sorts of things and a cross stitch project each month based on a theme that could be fun, scary, sci-fi, or movie related.  They offer a few different options including paper crafts, stitchy mini, or full size and prices start at  $15.00.  They also have a shop online where you can buy projects or downloadable projects.  I went for the full sized box.  The theme for March is Totally 80’s.  Earlier this month I received an email from them saying that they will be discontinuing the full size box but you can still get the Stitchy Box or a digital download of a pattern each month.  That makes me a bit sad because I have found this box to be fun but at least the site is not closing totally.


The first look gave nothing away but a code for 15% off any purchase from the site.  I’m not sure if this applies to subscriptions but it might!


Peeling back the paper revealed my goodies plus an assortment of confetti and glitter.


First up was a Mead Memo pad.  I love notepads and this is an awesome one that totally reminds me of growing up. My Dad always had one in his pocket and the glove box of every vehicle we owned had one too!


Next we have two beaded bracelets that appear to be handmade.  They are just strung on a wire and you have to unbend one end of it to open and close then.  The girls were super interested in these but because of that wire being a bit pokey I don’t think I’ll give them to them.  They are bright and loud though so very much fit the theme.


They usually do include a bookmark in this box but this is the first time they have had them where I need to colour them myself.  This is a pack of four and all are 80’s images.


Some rad pencils were in there and an eraser!  You can never really have enough of these things and I haven’t had an eraser like this in forever.


Two mini clothespin clips were hiding amongst the paper.  These will go straight onto my bog calendar to hold reminders and papers.


Two sheets of stickers were included.  The dialog box ones are cool and I think they will make good address labels for envelopes.  The dots are about 1-1/2″ and will join my sticker pile.


The assorted other goodies included a paper doily, a price tag, and two vinyl coated large paperclips.


There are two blank notecards with more of the designs familiar to the 80’s.


Finally the cross-stitch kit.  This is a larger one than any of the previous ones have been.  It has a cassette and Pac-Man with the Totally 80’s words in the center.  It should be fun and I like that they are simple to get finished without looking like a child’s kit.

There is no way I could value this box but I do love it!  I had been looking for something crafty for myself since Embellished Boxes seem to have imploded and this is it.  If you are thinking this may be something you’d like next month’s theme is Badass Unicorns! I cannot wait!! You can visit their site by clicking here.

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