Warm Hug February 2016

Warm Hugs is a subscription box that reminds you that you need to take care of yourself as well as others.  They are also Canadian so yay to that!  Boxes will include affirmations, tea, gemstones, essential oil blends, chocolates, bath salts or soaps, a mascot, and a surprise.  They make the oils and bath products themselves and sell them on their site.  They also sell the boxes alone and have a Postpartum box that has items new moms can use to sooth sore areas.  You can even order a subscription and get that as your first box if you let them know.  Boxes are $20 plus $7 shipping (Canadian funds!!!!!) but if you go with a six month plan you get 10% off.


So I can’t actually be sure this is February’s box but I’m basing my decision on the heart tissue paper things came packed in.

20160314_173052 20160314_173639

There is a sheet showing you the list of products but it’s just general, not specific to your box.  It tells you why each of those items mentioned above have been included. They also included their business card.


You would not believe how great this box smells!  I’m not sure yet which of these things is making it so delicious but the box is well packed and nice and full.



They include one for each week of the month to help you out.  You are to put these somewhere you will see them and repeat them to yourself.  Little reminders are never a bad thing.



Their teas are handmade and the one I got is Quiet Time Tea.  It’s a blend of oregano, chamomile, lemon balm, and thyme.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a tea with oregano and thyme in it before so it should be interesting.  It does smell a touch like a pizza but maybe I’m simply hungry. The bag is quite big and will make plenty of cups of tea.

20160314_173207 20160314_173325

Handmade Bath Salts and Soap

The info letter says that this glycerin soap is Lavender with a vegetable based colourant.  The soaps they sell on the site seem smaller but retail for $3.00 each.  It is definitely nice enough to be given as a gift and the scent is not overpowering at all.  The bath salts are the super smelly stuff!  These are Tropical Passionfruit and have epsom salts, sea salt, colour and essential oils in them.  These are going to be so good!



This month has an assortment of Lindt Lindor balls.  These are something I rarely buy but they are delicious.  They say they include them because a little chocolate can brighten a day. Smart people.

20160314_173435 20160314_173612


There, thankfully, was a little scroll included that talks about what stone you got.  They promise a different one each month and tell you to rub it or carry it with you to get it’s properties.  This month is Howlite, for calming emotions.  It’s like they know me at this point.  It’s pretty small so you could have it on you and no one would notice.  As you can see from the description this stone brings calm and relaxation, creativity, and has healing properties as well.  I am a believer in this type of thing so I’ll happily keep it around.


Essential Oil Blend

This months blend is called Sad Begone and is a facial mist.  It should lift your spirits if you’re down.  It does not give me a list of what is in it but it seems to have some peppermint based on the scent.


A Mascot

They give you a polymer clay figure each month just to make you smile.  Mine is a turkey and he did arrive with one toe broken off but still stands.  I think he’s cute and he does make me smile so mission accomplished.



My surprise item this month is a Dream magnetic notepad.  I have one of these on the fridge all the time and the message on this one fits the box.  It has the price on the back of $1.50 and that’s okay.

There is no way for me to value this box but it would be about curation more than value anyways.  I fell I got my $20 worth and I love that it is Canadian.  All of the bath products are wonderful, the oil is useful, chocolate can never be bad, tea is welcome, and the gemstone and affirmations are great reminders to stop and think for a minute.  If you want to get your own Warm Hug, click here to check them out.

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