Maker Monthly February 2016

Maker Monthly is a subscription box that sends out premium journals, notebooks, writing tools, and accessories.  They only have one plan option and that is $20.00 a month, auto renewing.  I have had a few issues with this subscription, however they are all of my own making and they have been accommodating in helping me correct them.  I originally ended up signing up twice do to a lack of patience and they refunded me one plan outright.  I also had not received my January box and wasn’t sure about how long it should have taken and they reached out to me to ask if I had and then got it out to me.  Their customer service has been outstanding!


Again the box very clearly lets you know what month it is and who it’s from.  The outside of this box makes me very happy.


Opening it up showed me a few treasures but didn’t offer up any idea as to what the items were.


This month there was a sheet included that told you what you would be receiving and also gave news about the company and site.  They have just opened a shop up where you can purchase things to add to your box and also past items available for sale.  If I could, the prices are taken from their listings.

20160314_172402 20160314_172423

Yasutomo Niji Roll-$4.95

This roll up pencil case can hold 36 of your favorite writing or drawing utensils.  It has multiple snap options to keep it closed depending on how full you fill it.  I obviously have waaaaaayyyyyy more than 36 pens but I could keep my current bests in here and switch things out as I find more exciting ones.


Copic Multiliner SP, Brush Tip in Pink-$9.95

This is a nice pen!  It is more like a marker actually but writes smoothly and seems almost like a highlighter but so fine point.  I’ll say one thing about this box, they know their pens and do not disappoint.

20160314_172624 20160314_172706

Write Notepads & Co. Pocket Notebooks, 3 pk-$9.99

SQUEEEE!! Notepads make me so happy but I never want to spoil their perfect blank pages with nonsensical scribblings.  These books come lined, blank, and grid paged.  They have a letterpressed cover with a place for you to write your name to claim it as yours.  Inside there is also a card with a number code on it.  You enter the code on their website and it takes you to the site of the school that they helped out with the purchase.  Mine was Furley Elementary School in Baltimore.  The company is based out of there but anything that makes schools better is a good thing!


Lumi Metallic Decal-Bonus Item

This is I think mostly just advertizing for Lumi but it is a adhesive decal that says “Make it til’ you make it”.  It will look cool on something, maybe a bag or even a piece of cardstock that can be framed.   It is shiny silver and they also gave a code to get $5.00 off your order before March 31.

My February box had a value of $24.89 plus decal.  I’m a little disappointed with the value and that fact that there is only three pieces this month.  I guess it is more than the cost, but only if you live in the States.  While I am happy with the pieces that came in, I feel that I wanted more.  This one may be getting the cut for my list.  With the exchange rate being still crazy and not being overjoyed with what I’m getting it doesn’t seem right to keep it.

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