UrthBox February 2016

Urthbox is a healthy snack subscription that sends out all sorts of goodies that are better for you then regular snacks.  They offer four different boxes, vegan, diet, classic or gluten-free.  They also offer four sizes of box, mini, small, medium, and large, which range from 6 to 24 items per box.  I picked this one up on a Groupon so I got six months of the mini for $32.00.  Boxes normally run from $12.99-$39.99 a month. If you really like people you can also get an office box that has 100 snacks and will set you back $199 a month. Let’s see what’s inside this month.

20160304_143405 20160304_143521

The box looked pretty full this month, which is nice.  The info card only lets you know what type of box you got and what month it is for.


Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers-21g $5.19

I dislike lentils but have found that the snacks made from foods I don’t normally eat are usually good.  These ones are Sea Salt flavour and gluten free.  They are also a source of proteina and non-gmo if that matters to you.


Honey Stinger Organic Salted Caramel Waffle-30g $1.86

This is a type of energy bar that is made with honey.  This is also a gluten free and made by a family owned company.  I don’t know how well honey and caramel go together but I’m thinking this will be a great treat for those times I want something sweet.


Eat Your Coffee Coffee Bar in Mocha Latte-45g $2.54

This claims to have the equivalent of a cup of coffee in each bar.  I do not drink coffee so this will go to the Hubs.  This bar is made with fair trade coffee, is organic, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, and made in the USA.  It was developed by college guys who wanted energy but not at the expense of nutrition.


Cofresh Sweet Chilli Caramel Peanuts-80g $1.92

I cannot find these exact snacks online but the Cofresh brand has a whole bunch of items that are worldly flavours and I based the pricing off of those.  I am not sure if I’ll like these or not but since I am currently only eating peanuts about 10 at a time I think I can get through these.  The only things in these are peanuts, sugar, and chilli powder.  Maybe they will be more sweet than heat.


Wild Things Skinny Dipped Almonds-13g $0.75

These are almonds, dipped in dark chocolate and then dusted with cocoa.  I can feel that there are 6 in there and I want to save them for a special treat.  This little bag has 70 calories and so while it is small enough to have as a snack I am always wary of eating something that might trigger cravings.  It’s hard enough sticking to my diet without feeling the need to eat something.


Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips-21g $2.16

The only reason I am going to give these a try is that they are Kool Ranch flavoured.  I do not like kale unless it is in that kale salad from Costco.  It’s so bitter and harsh and blech.  Maybe these will change my mind.  My expectations are low though.


Slumberland Snacks Sleep Squares-7pc $9.95

I have received these before and still haven’t tried them.  They are a chocolate flavoured chew that has a blend of things to make you sleep better.  My sleep has been shit lately so maybe I need to give these a try.  You eat one a night and it has the standard warnings about not operating machinery or basically doing anything but sleeping after eating.  They have no sugar, yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, lactose, preservatives, artificial colour or flavour.

I am really impressed with this box.  This month has a value of $24.37.  Even though it’s the mini, I got 7 items this month and it doesn’t make me feel like it’s a rip off.   I am also happy that I can eat a lot of these things on my diet.  This is a good box if you are looking for snacks that taste good and are still on the good side of things.


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