Maker Monthly January 2016

Maker Monthly is a subscription box that sends out premium journals, notebooks, writing tools, and accessories.  They only have one plan option and that is $20.00 a month, auto renewing.  I have had a few issues with this subscription, however they are all of my own making and they have been accommodating in helping me correct them.  I originally ended up signing up twice do to a lack of patience and they refunded me one plan outright.  I also had not received my January box and wasn’t sure about how long it should have taken and they reached out to me to ask if I had and then got it out to me.  Their customer service has been outstanding!


The box is nicely shipped.  It has the month on a huge sealing sticker and while the box is plan beyond that it still looks professional.


There is no info card included.  I’m not sure if that is standard or just because my box was shipped out later.  I couldn’t tell much about what I received from the first look but I was excited nonetheless.


If this box had shipped on time this calendar would have been good.  It is plain but yet has an aesthetic I like.  I’m hoping February’s box shows up soon so I can have one for March.


Higgins Black Magic Waterproof Drawing Ink-$6.52

Interesting start to the box.  I have not had a liquid ink in years and all I can think right now is that I must keep this away from the children!  I’m sure this will be an excellent in for writing as well as drawing, which I suck at.

20160301_180815 20160301_180915

Rhodia Dotpad No.16-$7.90

Squeeeeee!!!! Paper is my favourite thing. Well one of them anyways.  This is an awesome notepad.  It was so hard to get the picture to work out but the pages inside are lined with a dot grid.  This has 80 pages and the paper is wonderful feeling.  It almost feels glossy but it’s not.


Pental Arts Aquash Water Brush-$5.99

This is an interesting item.  You fill it with water and then you can use it with watercolours and paints to make different lines and effects.  As I mentioned above I cannot draw however my Mom paints with watercolours so I’ll give this to her and hope she can use it.


Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker N15 Black-$8.40

This is a nice marker.  The thicker end is like a felt brush and the other side is just like a regular marker.  This will be useful in lots of ways and I shall add it to my pen collection.


Prismacolor Ebony Graphite Sketching Pencil, Jet Black, Extra Smooth-$6.59

I will just use this as a regular pencil but it is a nice addition to the box.  I had originally thought that it was a pencil crayon and I’d have been happy with that too.


Last out of the box was a dip pen.  This has a super fine nib and just a plastic body.  I do own and have previously used dip pens and now with my new ink I might have to give it a go again.  It’ll take some practice to not make a huge mess but I think it’ll be fun.

My January box had a value of $35.40 plus the dip pen.  I am happy with this box and think that while it may be slightly leaning towards artists more than writers I’ll give it a few more months to make up my mind.  The notepad was excellent and the fact that they included ink for the one pen shows good planning.  Maybe next month will have pens more in my wheelhouse but I am not going to complain about what I got.  All stationery is good stationery.


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