Splendies February 2016

Splendies is a monthly subscription service that delivers you three pairs of panties each month.  You select your size and they do the rest.  They offer you the choice of all thongs, no thongs, or a surprise assortment of panties.    The also offer a plus size subscription on their sister site Volupties.  Subscriptions are $13.99 a month, though you do get $5.00 off your first month.  Shipping to Canada is $7.00.  I think that paying $8.00 each for a pair of panties is pretty good.  They are not just your plain old cotton pairs.  I would normally pay around $5.00 for sure and this way I get to find some different ones that maybe aren’t available here.  I used to get the Volupties ones but have lost enough weight to switch it up.

20160229_174204 20160229_174227

Splendies ships in a branded mailer so there’s not much chance of your mailman not knowing you’re getting panties in the mail.  Inside that is your package all wrapped up.


I had a helper as you can see when I was taking pictures.  Mostly she just wanted the camera back to play with it.  Pair one this month are from Honeydew and are pretty.  They are a nylon/spandex blend and have lace around the legs and a keyhole on the backside.  These retail for $14.00 and I like them so this month is off to a good start.


These are so nice!  They are a nylon/spandex blend made by Jennifer Intimates.  The whole front panel is lace and the back has just a little ruching.  You can tell that this is the special pair that should have been your Valentine’s gift for your significant other.  I can’t find these online anywhere so no price but I still would put them at the top of the pile.


The last pair for this month are a cotton pair from Vision Intimates.  These ones do have a website but there are no prices listed.  It’s nice that they include an assortment of styles each month.  These ones did come covered in loose threads, which is not that professional.  Even if Splendies received them that way I think they should have noticed it when they repackaged it into the monthly shipments.

With only one pair able to b priced this month I can’t give you a value.  However I think that the other two would be worth around $8-9 dollars each.  All three pairs are nice and I’m hoping that they will fit well.  None of them look like they will run small so I’m sure they are all good.  They ship out each month on the 19th and I get mine right at the beginning of the next month.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

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