Splendies January 2016

Splendies is a monthly subscription service that delivers you three pairs of panties each month.  You select your size and they do the rest.  They offer you the choice of all thongs, no thongs, or a surprise assortment of panties.    The also offer a plus size subscription on their sister site Volupties.  Subscriptions are $13.99 a month, though you do get $5.00 off your first month.  Shipping to Canada is $7.00.  I think that paying $8.00 each for a pair of panties is pretty good.  They are not just your plain old cotton pairs.  I would normally pay around $5.00 for sure and this way I get to find some different ones that maybe aren’t available here.  I used to get the Volupties ones but have lost enough weight to switch it up.

20160205_213603 20160205_213629

These ones come in their own branded shipping bag but the inside is the same, all wrapped in tissue paper.


These are so fun!  This first pair are from Rene Rofe and are a polyester/spandex blend.   They are very cute and the lace edging on the legs adds to the flirty style.  I can’t find this exact style online anywhere but it seems that the average price for this brand is $6.99 a pair, which seems fair.


The next pair are H. Dew and are cotton/spandex and super soft feeling.  They have just a touch of ruching in the backside and are another bikini style like the first.  They seem like they are going to cover your butt and stay put.  They retail for $8.00.


The last pair is also from Rene Rofe and are a sexy pair made of nylon and spandex.  The whole front and top two inches of the back are all lace.  They will give me that knowledge that while the outside might be all normal underneath I am being a sexy beast.

This month the value of my new panties is $22.00. For my first month with the new plan I am happy.  All three pairs are nice and I’m hoping that they will fit well.  None of them look like they will run small so I’m sure they are all good.  They ship out each month on the 19th and I get mine right at the beginning of the month.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

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