The Beaver Box Winter 2016

This is my third Beaver Box.  They are a quarterly Canadian women’s box that will include something fashion, food, beauty, and home, plus always a little extra!  They source as much as they can from their local area but do have items from all across Canada.  Boxes are $55.00 per quarter or you can get a yearly subscription for $200.00.  Let’s see what we got that is just for the Canadian woman.

This month they had sent out an email saying that the boxes were going to be late because they were waiting for one of the items and promising shipping by the beginning of February.  Once this box arrived there was a letter inside saying that they felt they could wait no longer and had shipped the box missing one piece.  They included a bonus item to make up for it along with a $10 credit for your account.  I can’t figure out how to apply it but they did give an email you can reach them at if you had any problems so I’ll just drop them a line.

20160226_175200 20160226_175235

Opening the lid showed the nicely wrapped insides.  The letter was laying on top so you saw it as soon as you lifted the lid.  Under the paper was a pleasantly full box, which is great to see.


The info card has a little blurb about why Canadian winters are great.  The back has a list of the items included and websites where you can purchase them if you can’t get enough.


Clean Eats Cinnaberry Granola-200g $9.00

This is a grain free granola that is gluten free, vegan, paleo, and lactose free.  It is full of iron, fibre and potassium and has a great cinnamon scent to it.  The company is based out of Laval, Quebec and has a range of food items.  I have granola on yogurt at least once a week so I’m very happy to get more to try out.

20160226_175506 20160226_175533

Hattitude Jewellery Earrings-$25.00

These specific earrings are not shown on the website but the cheapest pair on there is $25.00 so that’s what I’ve used.  These are pretty and while not something I would have ever picked out myself I think I will wear them.  The only thing I’m not all that happy with is that the “gem” is just a plastic stone and if you’re looking close at them you can tell easily.


Dawn Brook Lavender Sachet

As soon as you opened the box you could smell this.  I couldn’t get a price as her Etsy shop is totally empty right now.  My underwear drawer is going to smell awesome!!!!


Verdant Botanicals Luxe Bath Milk

So again I can’t price this because the website has stuff on it but none of the tabs are clickable.  This milk bath is made with coconut milk powder and smells like a pina colada.  You could totally think you were floating on the ocean off a tropical island while soaking in this.  It also has some dried flowers in it and baking soda for the skin softening properties.


This is the bonus item they included.  It was supposed to be a plaid scarf.  The mug is nice, it’s glass with a rubber lid.  I already have one from one of the previous boxes they sent out but I think replacing the missing item with something is a nice gesture on their part.

Box three was as slightly disappointing but that is due to the lack of one item more then what was included.  Because the scarf is missing they did not cover all the promised categories.  I like that the companies are Canadian and that all of these items are available to me, which isn’t always the case.  The box had a value of $34.00 plus the three items I couldn’t price, so I think it will be close to what I paid this time. Canadian boxes are not to common so I’m liking this one for the variety provided.  If you want to check them out click here.


TeeBlox February 2016

TeeBlox is a monthly t-shirt subscription that sends out licensed geek and gamer shirts.  They offer you the choice of 8 different themes.  You can pick from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Movies & TV Shows, Games, Beers & Liquors, and Hot Meex.  You get the shirt plus a comic and some stickers usually and prices start at $9.99 a month.  Shipping to Canada is a bit of a downer though at $15/month and that was a surprise because their shipping lists at $2.50 and doesn’t say that it is only for the US.  I went with the Hot Meex theme so I had no clue what to expect for a shirt.


There is no info card included so first out of the box were a couple of large stickers.  Now superheros are insane in our house right now and if I was to show these to my kids they would be stuck to the wall and I would have to yell at them.


Next up was the comic.  This is DC Comics Convergence Superman:Man of Steel 2 Variant Cover. I obviously have not bought a comic in years because I had no clue that they are not printed on glossy paper, not newsprint.  This one is from July 2015, which is fairly new and I’ll give it a read for sure.  I used to read all my brothers old comics so I enjoy them and if it’s not crazy violent I know Bug will like it too.


On to the shirt.  I don;t think this is going to be my month for my fandoms.  This shirt says “Welcome To Hot Shot, LA.  It is a True Blood tv show shirt and that is not a show I ever watched.  I do like the shirt though and think the graphic is awesome.  I’m going to wear this and just hope that no one asks me questions on the show because all I can say is that there are vampires on it.

I think this is going to be a good subscription.  I am miffed about the shipping but beyond that the shirt feels like good quality and it’s not thin at all.  They say they are licensed though I can’t tell either way so I’m going to believe them.  If you want to check them out you can click here.

LVL UP+ by Loot Crate February 2016

LVL Up is a monthly subscription catering to people looking for geek clothing and accessories.  They allow you to choose between four options, socks, t-shirts, wearables, and female accessories.  You can also select the wearable and sock bundle if you wanted more than just the one choice.  Plans start from $11.99USD and while shipping is included in the US to get things here you need additional shipping fees.  I have chosen the accessories option which sends out 1-2 items each month.  This month’s theme was The Dead Collection.


Like last month there is a mini magazine that shows all the items across the Lvl Up brand.  You can see what you’re missing out on and lust over the items you would want.


There were two items in my pouch this month.  The first was an Exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Blood Spatter Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics.  I have received quite a few nail wraps from my boxes and I really want to use them.  However I have such short nails that I don’t think that they would look good on me.  I do love the fact that these are glow in the dark though!  If I can ever get them grown out nice I will pop these on.

20160226_174930 20160226_174950

The main accessory this month was an Exclusive The Walking Dead Cherokee Rose Locket by Bioworld.  I don’t watch The Walking Dead but I think that this is nice enough that you could wear it and have non-viewers not think you were crazy.  The locket opens up to have a mirror on the inside, which is also handy.  The card attached gives the narrative that tells the story from the show about the rose.

I am not sure how I feel about getting a necklace two boxes in a row.  I do like that they threw in a little something extra.  I’m really hoping to get a few things from my specific fandoms soon.  If I was getting the sock package I’d have got some Happy Potter socks and that would have been awesome. You can visit their site by clicking here to explore all the options.


Kawaii Box December 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  I love this box and I haven’t been able to find stationary boxes that come close.  This box arriving was a surprise because I had cancelled this box.  The exchange rate was just too crazy to make this really worth it no matter how much I love it.  It is two month late though so I have no clue why that is.

20160220_132839 20160220_132902

The absolute joy of this box is evident as soon as you peel back the paper.


There is an info card listing all the items you get, which is super helpful because bfore they included that it was just a guessing game for me.

20160220_133136 20160220_133151

Kracie Ramen DIY Candy Kit

There is always at least one candy included in this box and as you can see the instructions are not in English.  Somehow I’ve still managed to do most of them successfully.   This kit requires you to make dumplings, and noodles, and eggs and then eat it all up.  These are crazy sweet but since I have a ginormous sweet tooth that’s okay.


Waffle Squishy

If you like these things there are whole boxes devoted to them.  I think they are cute and while I have no use for them, enjoy them anyways.


Ice Cream Purse

It’s hard to call this a purse when it’s more sized like a coin purse.  Maybe that’s what they mean.  It is super cute and I will use this.


Fat Animals Stickers

OMG!!!!! Stickers!!!!  These are the cutest roly poly animals ever!  Losing a steady supply of stickers was one of my disappointments in cancelling this box so this last sheet is awesome.


Moggie Doggie Pen

This is a fine point black gel pen and on the barrel is says “They are our best friends”.  The little head is a dog that kinda looks like a cat but that’s just being picky at this point.


Korean Nail Set

I understand that these are more than likely for kids but I love them and have no issues with wearing them.  I mean really, I have blue hair so it’s not like I blend in with the norm anyways.


Happy Cat Nail Clipper

This is the second fun nail clipper I’ve received from them and I’m not sad.  They are a plastic cover over a regular set of clippers and they become so great.


Polka Dot Washi Tape

This is a type of fabric washi and that is even better than just regular washi.  I am not a crazy washi lady but I do have a stash of it and I use it regularly.  This shall join the bag of them and make new friends!


Lollipop Towel

I think once I unwrap this it will become a face cloth.  I don’t know that I want to though, I like it as a lollipop.


Kawaii Owl Notebook

This puppy covered notebook and pen set is just freaking cute!!!  I need more of either of these like a hole in the head but who can say no to fun and paper?


Heart Shaped Nail Art

My nails are so short these things never look good on me but I’m willing to save them until I grow them out for a bit.  The kids enjoy them too!

So I’m happy to have had one more chance to get this box and if the exchange rate ever becomes closer to par I’m very likely going to subscribe again!  It’s so fun and cute and I am always smiling by the time it’s unpacked.


LookFantastic February 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website. Boxes are $28 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12 month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.  The stuff I’ve been getting in this box has been really nice.  This one was a find and I really enjoy it.

20160221_093611 20160221_093627

The box this month is all decorated for love.  There is a theme this month and it is #LFLoves, meaning all the items that are bestsellers from the website.  The booklet gives you a bigger breakdown of the products then you would get from just an info card, plus tips on using the  items.


This month they also sent a copy Elle UK magazine.  Obviously I wouldn’t normally see this but I also don’t tend to read Elle on a regular basis so it’s nice to get and flip through.


Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil-35mL $18.66

This is the Editor’s Pick for the month.  You don’t need to have someone to rub you down to enjoy this oil.  If you do that’s great, however you can also add a few drops to your bath water and soak it in to help you relax.  This combines almond seed, sandalwood, and rosewood oils to  nourish the skin and it is also paraben free if you have sensitive skin.


Bliss Pink Grapefruit and Aloe Body Butter-30mL $6.77

I LOVE this stuff!!!! I have received this before and cannot get enough.  It smells fantastic and soaks in quickly.  It is also a little thicker than you might expect from something that comes in a tube and honestly jut makes me so happy they could send it every month and I wouldn’t complain.


Hi Impact Brows Eye and Brow Perfector Palette-$37.59 Full Size

This palette can be used for your brows, as eyeshadow, as eye liner, and for contouring.  There are tutorial videos on their website on all of those and they are way above my skill level.  I will for sure use this for brows and liner but beyond that I think it’s fair to say this awesomeness is wasted on me.  However I think it’s a great addition to the box and it’s nice to get anything full sized.


TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes-75mL $2.46

There was an assortment of possible haircare products sent out this month and I got the Bed Head Conditioner.  Somehow I have never used a  Bed Head product before and I’m kinda excited to give it a go.  This particular conditioner is supposed to help boost strength and stamina of your hair and add volume.


Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil in Intimacy-$20.50 Full Size (I think)

I have had great luck with all the Lord & Berry products I’ve received in boxes and this is no different from that.  The colour is awesome!  I’m not usually a fan of matte lip products but these ones are not dry feeling like most can be.


Denman Mini Keyring Brush-$6.13

As you can see from the picture my kids are very interested in this.  They say that this brush is good even for the big tangles no matter that it’s only a few inches long.  I don’t see me using this as a keychain but it is a great size for my purse.

This month had a value of $92.11, plus the magazine.  This month’s mix was great. The great part about LookFantastic  is that they have sales all the time and free worldwide shipping so if you want more of anything or find other things on their site it’s simple to get.  I can’t wait to see what fun they send next month and have yet to be disappointed with what I find in here.

Bowzer Box February 2016

Since our BarkBox subscription ran out I decided to get just a six month plan of another one for the pups. There are lots to choose from but I went with a Canadian one that wasn’t hugely expensive. Bowzer Box sends out a selection of treats and toys carefully selected to make you and your dog happy. You start off by selecting your dog size from small, medium, or large. You then pick a term from 1,3, or 6 months. All plans automatically renew but there is a slight discount for the longer terms. Boxes start at $29.00 a month and there is a $4.50 shipping charge also. They donate 10% of the fee to dogs in need, so you get to feel good about helping without having to do anything.

20160218_182954 20160218_183020

Some interesting things that I can see once the paper is gone.  I’m pretty sure you will see Archie’s nose in a few of the pictures.  He was not interested in waiting for me to get everything out.


The info card let me know that this month is Dental month.  This side tells you the products we got and websites for the companies they belong to.  It also shows which are Canadian companies.

20160218_183050 (1)

Whimzees Toothbrush

This is a vegetable based chew that cleans your dogs teeth as they eat it.  This is made with all natural ingredients and is vegetarian and gluten free.  Archie devoured it in a few minutes and was back for more!

20160218_183144 (1)

Pet Kelp Chicken Jerky

So this is made in the US but used Nova Scotia kelp as an ingredient.  It’s grain free and only 3 calories per treat, so if you’re watching your pups weight, it’s still a good treat.  These also have pumpkin and molasses in them and once we open them I’m sure Archie and Freckles will like them.

20160218_183200 (1)

Chomper Mongoose

This is a toy you are supposed to stuff with treats and then let your dog work them out.  Archie hates these things and can’t be bothered  to get the treat out.  The kids end up playing with these when we get them.


FouFouBrands Vegalicious Healthy Popped Snacks

These look and feel like popcorn puffs.  They must smell amazing though because every time I move the bag Archie is right at my side trying to grab them.  These ones are lentil and potato starch and that’s it.

20160218_183111 (1)

FouFouBrands FFD Pet Wipes

The Hubby was a bit confused by these, but they are a wet wipe for the animals faces.  You can use these on cats or dogs and are good for wiping near their eyes or in their ears.  Oddly they are strawberry daiquiri scented but I’m thinking Archie won’t mind too much.

20160218_183135 (1)

Envirofresh Spray N’ Fresh

This is doggy breath spray.  I’m not sure I can get it into Archie’s mouth but he does need it.  It is mint flavoured and also reduces plaque and tartar.

This was our last Bowzer Box and while it was okay, I will not be renewing.  The dog subscription I really need is one that sends me one treat and four toys.  We have more than enough treats now to get us through the next while but he kills and disembowels toys on a very regular basis.  I’m always glad to have supported a Canadian company though and the products were good.  My biggest complaint would have been that I selected a large dog box and not everything in the boxes was really made for big dogs.

Rag Tag Box February 2016

Rag Tag Box is a monthly craft and ephemera box.  They include all sorts of things and a cross stitch project each month based on a theme that could be fun, scary, sci-fi, or movie related.  They offer a few different options including paper crafts, stitchy mini, or full size and prices start at  $15.00.  They also have a shop online where you can buy projects or downloadable projects.  I went for the full sized box.  The theme for February is Sugar Skulls.


The box that this one comes in is like a small pizza box.  It is all wrapped up with tissue inside and the info card is taped on the top.  It gives you a basic breakdown of all the fun things you will find inside.

20160212_092726 20160212_092803

First out of the bac was a large striped envelope.  Inside that was a collection of goodies.  There are two paper straws, a purple gel pen, a flag clip, which is that squarish thing above the pen, a mini eraser, a mini notebook, and two sticker sheets with various circle stickers on them.

20160212_092833 20160212_092840

Next up is a nail file.  Both the skull and the black side are files and it’s about half an inch think.


This photo shows some of the paper products included.  There is a bookmark, 2 mini notecards with envelopes, and a code to get a discount off your purchase on their site.


Near the bottom of the box is 5′ of twine, a paper doily, 2 colouring pages, and a clothes pin.

20160212_092953 20160212_093006

The last item is the cross-stitch kit for this month.  It is a Sugar Skull and as you can see it includes everything you need to do it except scissors to cut your threads.  I am almost done my Death Star from the other month and they work up nicely.  The kit was the main reason I wanted the box and I have been happy with them so far.  They are never very big or difficult and sometimes you just want a simple project that takes a few hours or fits in your bag.

There is no way I could value this box but I am pretty sure I’m going to love it!  I had been looking for something crafty for myself since Embellished Boxes seem to have imploded and this is it.  If you are thinking this may be something you’d like next month’s theme is Totally 80’s. You can visit their site by clicking here.


Topbox February 2016

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box.  I had stopped getting this one for a while because I felt they were sending out too many of the same type of samples.  I am giving them a try again because I now get almost no makeup boxes anymore and since this one is Canadian and inexpensive we’ll see how it goes this time.


A very nice pink bag this time.  I just have no use for the tube it would come it and while I don’t have much use for these either I give them to my mom and she uses them for something.


The info card lets you know what you are receiving this month, where you can buy it, and what it will cost you to purchase it again.  On the back this monthis an advertisement for one of the companies with a discount code.


POP Beauty Kajal Pen in Inky Purple-$10.00 Full Size

I’ve received a different colour of this a while ago from Glossybox and loved it.  This one is a lot more black than purple but I’m okay with that.  I rarely use the smudger on the other end but it is nice to have one around.


Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Later Alligator-$15.83 Full Size

OOHHHH….I don’t have any green nail polish!  This is such a fun colour and I love it.  The little info included on this says it is inspired by pearls and metallics but while it is glossy it is not shimmery in any way at all.  I think it’s actually better that way, it would look cheap if it had glitter in it.


Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care Sea Salt Soap-28g $1.44

This is a nice sized soap sample.  This soap is available at some grocer stores as well as their own site online.  This does smell a little manly for my taste but I think my Hubby will enjoy it.


Smashbox Photo Finish Classic Primer-7.1mL $10.41

This is a repeat item for me but from a different box.  I love primers and use them everyday.  Anytime I get another one I rejoice because that means it is that much longer before I have to buy one on my own.

This month’s box has a value of $37.68.  This is why I had stopped getting this box last time.  I was getting so many doubles and similar items from month to month that I was annoyed. This month at least the doubles are things that I like and use.  They also have a tendency to send out nail polish really often. The only good thing is that since they only do month to month subscriptions I can cancel this without any hassle if it keeps up.  As I mentioned above I like that it’s a Canadian box and that it’s really reasonably priced but it is not always varied.   If you are interested in getting your own Topbox send me a message and I can give you a link or you can visit them here.


Super Geek Box January 2016

Super Geek Box is a monthly subscription that sends out Geek and Gamer gear.  You always get a shirt but everything else is up in the air.  You could get Funkos or Dorbz, keychains, posters, or stickers.  Every month has a theme that the items are based on so it changes up all the time.  Boxes start at $13.92 plus $13.00 shipping a month but go down with longer plans.  All plans automatically renew so you do need to be careful if you want to cancel.  I’ve resisted getting to deep into the geek boxes just because there are so many and trying to pick is pretty difficult.  All of them are really varied and from looking at past boxes I decided to give Super Geek Box a try.  This month’s theme is Versus.

20160205_214644 20160205_214659

The box comes in its own branded box.  Inside I could see some very cool things!  I can’t wait to dig in.

20160205_214927 20160205_215002

It was tucked in the bottom, but there is an info card included.  It all folds out and shows you the products your got or could receive and how they fit the theme.


Marvel Dorbz Iron Man-$9.99

This is my first Dorbz and I love him.  You could have received either Iron Man or Captain America and I’ve very pleased to get Iron Man.  I will have to keep this hidden or take it to work because my girls love superheros and will make this their own given any chance at all.  He’s just so cute!


DC Comics Original Minis Figure-$10.99

There are eight possible figures you could get in Series 1 of these and I got Bane.  Definitely would not have been my choice but that’s the fun of the mystery bag.  This one might go to the kids or maybe my Minion collection at work needs a baddie to join them.


Super Geek Box Blue Shell Keychain

This is a box exclusive and it seems no one is trying to sell it online anywhere yet so I was unable to value it.  It says the perks of 2nd place and having that blue shell when you are playing the game rules!  Mario Cart is one of my favorite games and this makes me happier than it probably should.


“We Can Do It” Mini Poster

This is another exclusive item.  It’s almost 8×11″ and since Street Fighter is okay but not something I love, I’ll hang it beside the Paw Patrol poster in Bug’s room.


“Sure You Can” T-shirt

I’m sure that wearing this is going to get me some odd looks but I’m okay with that.  There was some limited edition versions of this that had the blue shirt but I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.  You get to select your shirt size when you sign up so you can be sure everything fits.


Green Lantern Temporary Tattoo

This was a bonus item.  I don’t wear too many tattoos anymore but I will put this one on.

For my first Super Geek Box I am not over the moon but I am happy.  The figures alone cover the cost of the box and I got a new shirt out of it as well.  With a couple of things for the babies and a good mix of games and geek items I think the next few months will keep me happy.  Next month’s theme is Apocalypse, and they are promising a Walking Dead item from Funko.

UrthBox January 2016

Urthbox is a healthy snack subscription that sends out all sorts of goodies that are better for you then regular snacks.  They offer four different boxes, vegan, diet, classic or gluten-free.  They also offer four sizes of box, mini, small, medium, and large, which range from 6 to 24 items per box.  I picked this one up on a Groupon so I got six months of the mini for $32.00.  Boxes normally run from $12.99-$39.99 a month. If you really like people you can also get an office box that has 100 snacks and will set you back $199 a month. Let’s see what’s inside this month.

20160205_214102 20160205_214246

The box this month was pretty light but opening it up showed that it was packed right to the brim.  The card is standard for this box, just the type and month.


Snack Out Loud Power Puffs Salt & Vinegar-14g $0.64

These are like a cheesy poof (yes silly South Park reference, I know), but they are salt and vinegar flavoured.  They also have high levels of protein and fibre while being gluten, nut, corn, and GMO free.  I’m always looking for a new snack and these have a low calorie count so that makes them a good option for me.


Paddington Bear Orange Marmalade Flavoured Banana Chips-23g $0.80

Well we just discovered the other day that the kids love banana chips so these shall become a treat for them.  Marmalade is regularly eaten here as well so that added flavour will be fine as well.  These chips are vegan, trans and sulphite free, and contain no preservatives.  The Paddington Bear part is not a selling feature as my girls don’t know who he is but I think it’s cute.


Qancha Corn Snack-28g $2.50

These snacks are similar to a Corn Nut but made from an heirloom type corn grown in the Andes.  They are air toasted and then given a light coating of oil and salted.  I have had a different product that is like these and they were very good and satisfied my cravings for salty snacks so I’m very hopeful these are just as good.


Snack Out Loud Crunchy Bean Snack-35g $2.00

These I have had before, though in another flavour, and they are so freaking good!  I had been very skeptical since it’s not really something I would ever think to try.  They are made from pinto beans that are roasted and salted.  Like all beans they are high in fibre and protein.  These are also vegan, gluten, nut and GMO free.


Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee-113.4g $5.00

OMG this sounds so good!!!  It is a mix of your regular toffee items, like butter, sugar and almonds but then they added milk chocolate.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  These are surprisingly low in calories, a quarter of this bag is only 120.


VoloVitamins Energy Drink Mix-5.2g $0.97

I’m always up for new water additives so getting one of these in a box is never a bad thing.  This one is Berry flavoured and has added vitamins to make your water or juice better for you.


Peaceful Fruits Wild Acai + Apple Fruit Snack-7g $1.17

This is just a healthy version of a fruit roll up. These are 100% Organic, vegan and paleo, gluten and GMO free, ethical trade, and rainforest friendly.  The only things in here are acai, apple, pear, and then some lemon juice.  I should let the kids have this but I think it’ll be my bedtime snack.

I am really impressed with this box.  This month has a value of $13.08.  Even though it’s the mini, I got 8 items this month and it doesn’t make me feel like it’s a rip off.   I am also happy that I can eat a lot of these things on my diet.  This is a good box if you are looking for snacks that taste good and are still on the good side of things.