Loot Crate January 2016 Mystery Box

So I’m not too sure what I’ve got here.  I do have a subscription to Lvl Up by Loot Crate that sends out accessories based on gaming and geeks that shows it is in transit right now but a couple of days ago I received this box.  It appears to be a regular Loot Crate?  I have emailed them to see what is up but in the meantime let’s check out what came because it’s still cool, even if it’s not really what I wanted.

20160128_180304 20160128_180313

So this is what the box looked like and what I found when I opened the lid.  This was where my confusion started.  I then though this was maybe a mystery box I had ordered off a sale they had a while ago, but those were supposed to have a t-shirt in them so it couldn’t be that.  There was no info card to help me out.


First out of the box were a pair of Mens socks.  My husband does enjoy a fun dress sock so I think he’ll be happy.  These are Spiderman I guess?  Marvel is not really my thing, sorry to all the fans out there!!!


HexBug Micro Robotic Creature

Well this is very much not my thing I believe the kids will absolutely love it!  Anything that moves or glows or otherwise makes me crazy is the obvious favourite thing for them.  I have seen these around before so I think they are a popular thing.


Heroes Of Warcraft Hearthstone  Stress Ball

Again I have no clue about what this comes from but I can most surely use a stress ball, so to work with me this goes!  Kinda cool looking.


Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keyring

Never seen the movie so again I have no clue.  However it is really heavy and would make a good weapon if you had to throw your keys at someone.  Maybe Hubs will want it.


Marvel Shoelaces

Now these I like!  I know I said above I don’t really follow the whole Marvel-verse but comic shoelaces are just awesome.  Now I just need to pick the perfect pair of shoes to put them on!


Game Of Thrones Stark Sigil USB Flash Drive

I am probably the only human left who doesn’t watch GoT.  I read the books and that’s enough for me, I don’t care to see it.  That being said, this is still very cool!  I will use it and I like it.


Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lanyard

This is an Authentic Replica of the ones worn onscreen.  I have never watched this show the Hubby did for a few seasons.  Do you think if I wore this at work anyone would notice it wasn’t the one I was issued?

So by now you have figured out why I don’t get this subscription.  While I enjoy a few things in it, it’s jut not my type of geek.  If they get back to me I’ll be sure to update this and let you know why I received it in the first place.



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