Doodlebugs Busy Bags January 2016

One  subscription I’ve been getting for Bug is Doodlebugs Busy Bags.  The website describes them as….”DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 10. DoodleBug Busy Bags keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity. Once completed, the crafts may be used as learning tools, decorations, toys, or given away as gifts. DoodleBug Busy Bags are fun, easy to complete, and help develop motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.”  Bags are $23.99 including shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.  This months theme is Winter Fun.


This is what you get inside of the outer mailer.  Everything you need is in this bag.


The page inside gives you a picture of each completed project and gives you a little more info on what you need to do and if you need any parts that might have been just in the back instead of included in each pouch.

20160119_202614 20160119_202622

Winter Wonderland Sand Art

There were 6 options of pictures you could have received and I think the one we got is adorable.  I also think this is going to be soooooo messy!  You peel off a bit of the paper and then sprinkle the coloured sand onto the adhesive board.  I don’t even know if I am capable of doing this neatly, let alone my four year old.


Silly Snowflake Magnet

This one is more our speed.  It’s very cute and will be a good addition to our collection on the fridge.


Tissue Paper Snowman

We still have the tissue paper bear from out first box a year ago to do because I just don’t see Bug having the patience to complete the whole thing before becoming bored with it.  It is cute and I can’t wait until she is a bit older to make these happen.


Penguin Thermometer

There is an actual thermometer included in this so you can see the temperature in your house while it is attached to your fridge.  Oh right, forgot to mention, it is also a magnet.


Snowman Face Magnet

This one is crazy simple.  There are literally 5 pieces to stick on.  We will power through it though.


Wooden Beaded Snowman Necklace

Bug loves getting these in here.  She has made a few of them and wears them and plays with them.  She has the beading skill down pat and so only needs my help to tie the knots in the clasp ends for her.


Beaded Snowflake Ornament

We made something like this this year as decorations but didn’t use all clear beads.  This one should be pretty when done, and is another one that will require on the most basic supervision on my part.


Winter Activity Sheet, Pencil, and Sharpener

These are listed in the info as Fun Extras.  Pencils are huge in this house.  I think maybe a bit of my love for stationery has been passed on to the kids.  Bug actually got a pencil in a treat bag yesterday and we’ve had to sharpen it six times already.

As noted before all of these crafts are from Oriental Trading but since I don’t have to purchase them in large quantities off the site and everything we need to create is included in the bag, I like this. If you need glue or anything else that does not come in the prepackaged craft they make sure it’s in your bag so you really do not have to run to the store. It’s also nice that each of these crafts are fairly quick and we can do them in the short time between bath and bedtime when we need to be winding down.  The next months theme is going to be Valentine’s Day but this was our last bag.  There was a handy sticker on the outer envelope letting me know though, which was nice.

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