Rag Tag Box January 2016

Rag Tag Box is a monthly craft and ephemera box.  They include all sorts of things and a cross stitch project each month based on a theme that could be fun, scary, sci-fi, or movie related.  They offer a few different options including paper crafts, stitchy mini, or full size and prices start at  $15.00.  They also have a shop online where you can buy projects or downloadable projects.  I went for the full sized box.  The theme for December was Comics.

20160112_155416 20160112_155428

Opening up my pizza box revealed a return to the product card and then under the paper a whole bunch of loot!  That first look made the theme perfectly clear, just incase you might have been uncertain of what comics would entail.


First up this month we have a couple of paper straws and a gel pen.  I am so fascinated by paper straws! I have received a few now and won’t let anyone use them.


In the little ephemera inclusions we have 5′ of blue and white twine, 2 paper clips, a Wonder Woman fabric pin, and 2 pom poms. Most of these were tucked into the green bag.


Always useful, Marvel Avengers tissue pack and 6 comic word stickers.


This is a pack of playing cards.  I don’t think anyone needs more playing cards, I’m sure mine multiply in the games cupboard but these ones are cute and maybe need to live in my bag for those moments of boredom that appear out of nowhere and catch me without a book.


There was a mini green highlighter, which I love, and a roll of washi tape.


There were three mini note cards and that orange square behind is an envelope. They are all blank inside.


In the box we continued to find three To Do lists, a paper doily, and a sheet of sticker dots.


The little card calls these small sheets of craft paper.  They do qualify as that but I really want to find another use for them.  All of mine were Spiderman but I am not sure if that is constant for everyone.

20160112_155436 20160112_155445

Last and certainly not least is the cross-stitch kit that was, for me, the reason I got the box.  This month is another smaller one, which is good since I might get them done if they only take me a few hours each.  As always, they include everything but scissors.  This one is very fun and I like it!

There is no way I could value this box but I am pretty sure I’m going to love it!  I had been looking for something crafty for myself since Embellished Boxes seem to have imploded and this is it.  If you are thinking this may be something you’d like next month’s theme is Sugar Skulls. You can visit their site by clicking here.

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