Candy Box December 2015

Candy Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you out a selection of candy from Canada, USA, Mexico, and Asia.  It’s a big mix and you never know what you’re going to get.  They offer two different box sizes, mini, having 7-12 items and big, having 15-20.  The mini starts at $20 a box and the big $40.  Shipping is free for Canada and the US.  This is another box I picked up on a Groupon so I managed to snag a three month big box subscription for $45.60 instead of the regular $114.99 price.  Groupon is carrying more and more plans and the deals are super, so if you hear of a box you like make sure you check them out first.   I had been wanting this one for a while but there was no way I would spend that kind of money on candy.


The box was full, and it looked like even with candy I wasn’t going to escape the Star Wars.


In the hard candy section of the box we have a Chupa Chups Melody Pop, strawberry flavour, Despicable Me Projector Pop, blue raspberry flavour, and a Star Wars Darth Vader Taffy Swirly Pop.  I have never seen a whistle pop before, kinda cool.  I could care less about Star Wars so a giant lollipop whose only claim to the theme is the packaging, because Disney needs more money, is not really for me.  However….that projector pop??? AWESOME!!!!!!  It has a bunch of different Minions you can cycle through and project onto whatever you want!  I don’t give a rats ass about the candy inside, this thing is cool!


The big chewy items this month are Dr.Pepper licorice and Haribo Rainbow Twists.  Okay so why has no one ever told me you can get Dr.Pepper flavoured things???? I love me some Dr and these say they are made with real Dr.Pepper.  Oh please don’t let them be disappointing…..I would cry.


The small chewy section has Allan Bug Foot Originals, which are tasty.  Grown up eating these!  Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Beans.  These are so going to my brother who loves hot sauce. Red Vines Bar Original Red.  This looks like a solid block of licorice, I have no idea, never heard of it before.  Way up at the top of the picture is a Chupa Chups Cherry Stix.  It’s like a filled candy straw, which I do like.


These ones didn’t fit well in any category so in no particular order we have a Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Cup, which will go to my husband who love dark chocolate.  An unmarked bag, though sealed, of what appears to be Fuzzy Peaches maybe?  Swizzels Love Hearts Dip, which looks to be exactly the same as Lik-n-Stik but maybe that’s a Canadian version.


The last two things in the box were a Vanilla Cow Tales, which if you read last months post you will know I love with all my heart, and an After Eight bar.  I have never seen one of those before, kinda cool.

This was my last box of my Groupon and I have cancelled before they bill me at regular prices.  There were 14 items of candy in the box and most I’m really happy to get.  Of course with my diet still on a bunch of these will be going to work so I can make others larger instead of myself.  There really is no way without the deal that I would think this box was worth what they charge even knowing that most of the cost would be freight.  These boxes are heavy and Canada Post makes you pay to ship them.

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