UrthBox Classic December 2015

Urthbox is a healthy snack subscription that sends out all sorts of goodies that are better for you then regular snacks.  They offer four different boxes, vegan, diet, classic or gluten-free.  They also offer four sizes of box, mini, small, medium, and large, which range from 6 to 24 items per box.  I picked this one up on a Groupon so I got six months of the mini for $32.00.  Boxes normally run from $12.99-$39.99 a month. If you really like people you can also get an office box that has 100 snacks and will set you back $199 a month. Let’s see what’s inside this month.

20160101_195701 20160101_195708

The box is small but fully filled up. The card lets you know which of the box types you received and the back just lists ways to share your box.


Wausome Wafers Cheese Crisps-45g

These are Colby and Swiss cheese  crackers.  Oddly they are not flavoured like cheese, they are made from cheese.  They somehow bake the cheese and it makes a cracker.  I love cheese and crackers so I can’t wait to dig into these!


YumEarth Organics Gummy Worms-71g

I’m not even sure how it’s possible but these are good for you gummy worms.  They have no fat in them, are made from real fruit and this whole bag only has 164 calories.  If they are any good at all I think I will be in love.


Kitch No-Grain-Ola 56.7g

This is like granola but without the grain part.  This mixture contains chocolate, cacao, coconut chips, nuts, and seeds.  The ingredient list also has Love as one of the parts so it has to be good, right?


Bite Fuel Protein Granola Trail Mix 43g

This little serving has 10g of protein in it!  It is also soy free if that’s an issue for you.  I’m not a huge fan of pecans but I think with all the other good things in it I will somehow manage to eat it.


Wai Lana Fruit & Nut Bar 58g

These bars are supposed to be a blend of things that are natural, nutritious, and tasty.  They also provide energy, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.  This one is banana flavoured , which might be my least liked fruit but the nuts should override the flavour.


Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers 14g

There are 4 crackers in this bag. What a rip off.  They are gluten, cholesterol, and saturated fat free.  They are quite light too so I’m guessing they will have a texture like a rice cracker does.  I love those so I will enjoy my four crackers and them look for more food.

This box came at a good time.  The holidays have meant that there is an abundance of food in my house that I cannot eat and when I need a snack I am left feeling frustrated.  Now I have a choice of some things that are options.  I am really impressed with this box.  Even though it’s the mini these 6 items don’t make me feel like it’s a rip off.   I am also happy that I can eat a lot of these things on my diet.  This is a good box if you are looking for snacks that taste good and are still on the good side of things.  I think the Groupon is still available so if you want to get the deal then now would be the time to sign up.


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