Kawaii Box November 2015

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  I love this box and I haven’t been able to find stationary boxes that come close.

20151221_211258 20151221_211332

The card this month was sooooo cute!  Underneath things were colourful and I could see Pocky!

20151221_211746 20151221_211759

I was wondering if they would be sending me another calendar.  The one I got last year was very cute and I had been hoping for one.  This one has room on the back of the pages to write notes to yourself while still keeping my desk cute.


There is a adorable little Christmas card this month.  Inside has just enough space to write a short message to whoever you send this out to.  It would work as a gift tag too.


Xmas Puffy Stickers

Just in time for the last few letters out this month are some awesome puffy stickers filled with Santa and his friends.  These are some of my favorite things to get in this box.


Rain Boot Pen

This pen writes well, with a black gel ink.  I have not had any issues with the pens I’ve received from them and a bunch of them have been similar to this so I’m thinking they come from the same company and are all comparable.


Nora Band Highlighter Set

These are about 4″ long and all have a little cartoon character on them.  They would be super cute for school supplies but I’ll find some use for them.  I’ve got a new project coming up soon and I’m sure I’ll need to mark some papers for it.

20151221_211427 20151221_211439

Kawaii Plush Beans

Is this not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen???  There are three little bean balls that can come out of the pod or be zipped up all cozy.  Love it!


Strawberry Pocky Biscuit Sticks

I’ve never had the strawberry ones but I since I like the other flavours I’ve tried are good I have little doubt I would enjoy these too.


Kawaii Fruits Hair Pin Set

Bug is going to love these.  We always nee barrettes for her hair since it’s so fine and the cuter the better.  Yay for these!


Cute Bunny Canvas Pouch

This little drawstring bag will also go to the kids and be filled with whatever treasures  they can find in the first five minutes after they grab it.


Squishy Emoticon Bread Charm

This looks like a bun with a chocolate face drawn on it.  I still have no idea what to use these for and they are all in a drawer.  Squishy and fun they are though.


Harajuku Bag Charm

This is the oddest collection of things on a charm I have ever seen.  It has a stretchy bracelet, a clay rainbow, a plastic chain, and  a bell.  Curious little thing.

I have been thinking about cancelling this box because the exchange rate is so not in my favour that it’s getting a bit expensive.  I do like this box and all the things in it so it’ll be a hard decision.



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