Advent Calendars Day 19,20,21,22

So even being on holidays I can’t get these daily posts out.  Only a few days left and then I can stop stressing about it.  Here anyways are the items from the last 4 days and best wishes for the holidays!

We’re going to switch things up a little and do the items by calendar as opposed to by day, as I have been.

First up….The Face Shop.

20151219_180428 20151222_155357 20151221_211009 20151221_210919

The last four days have given me a wide variety of items to play with.  We have a Nature Garden Cleansing Bar in Softening Grape.  You can smell the grape scent through the paper and I think this will be a nice soap.  It is handmade and is supposed to be gentle enough for even your face.  Trendy Nails Basic Original Polish was actually today’s offering.  This is the second polish they’ve included so far but while last time was a red red this is a purple that stands out.  It has the same great coverage as the red and will be another good summer colour.  Real Nature Face Mask Lemon was in there and I have managed to use one of the masks from them I received before and it was good so having another one is not a bad thing.  This one is supposed to brighten your skin while leaving you soft and healthy. Lastly is a Seaweeds Moisturising Pack.  This is a night cream obviously that helps give your skin its moisture back.  With it being cold and windy here for the next four months this will come in handy.

20151219_180414 20151222_155411 20151221_211038 20151221_210907

These are the products from LookFantastic and it’s another big mix.  From the 19th we had Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Graphite.  I know this would be good for a smoky eye but it’s so dark for everyday use.  I like the brand and the fact that it’s mineral makeup though so I guess that makes up for it.  The 20th was the Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash.  I think maybe I’ll give this one to my hubby.  It smells very manly to me and I’m not sure I want people to be undecided if a man or a woman just left the room.  I’m more of a floral kinda person really.  The 21st took us back to the tanning.  St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion.  This works by giving you a quick tan that lasts for 24 hours and then is gone.  Makes me think of Jersey Shore…or I guess Geordie Shore since it’s British.  I’m always so sceptical of using these but the test spot I tried was actually not so bad.  Today provided Eve Lom Cleanser.  The instructions tell you to use a muslin cloth in the process and they even gave me that too.  I have to say that this smells horrible though.  I’m hoping it works well because then the smell can be just a little bit of a thing you have to deal with.

The final items came from Selfridges and again there was nothing in common with anything else.

20151219_180401 20151222_155348 20151221_211056 20151221_210940

Erborian CC Creme was in there.  This is a high definition radiance face cream and skin perfector.  It also has SPF 25 in there and I’m thinking I’m going to really like this stuff.  I wish it was a bigger sample.  Next is Caudalie Divine Oil.  I have no idea how to use this but it says Face, Body, Hair on it so maybe I can simply put it everywhere?  It smells good and makes me look all glowy.  First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay was next and I have to say that the other FAB products I’ve used I didn’t like but maybe this will be the one that changes my mind.  The final item for these few days was Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick.  I’ve had a few different Lord & Berry products and love them all.  This one is no exception.  It does have the same issue as almost all matte lip products in that it makes your lips feel very dry.  There is no rubbing your lips together once it’s on.

Once you see a few days worth of items together you can really see the variety of items you are getting in these calendars.  With only a few days left I’m really excited to see what the big finishes will be.  Let’s hope I can share them with you in a timely manner too.

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