Little Life Box December 2015

Little Life Box is a monthly shipment of items that help you to try out items so you can try out healthier or alternative versions of things you use or eat everyday.  You will get up to a dozen items each month and they promise to never ship you the same item twice, though you may get a different flavour of the same item.  They are a Canadian company as well so that’s nice too.  Subscriptions will run you  $19.95 a month or less with longer plans.  They offer a purely Vegan option as well.  I went with their original box since I don’t have a preference towards vegan items. I have found that these boxes are stuffed full!

20151208_210915 20151208_210927

A very festive looking inside to the box and there was also a card that listed a few of the items that can be found inside.


Once I opened the paper this is the pile of stuff I found.  Looks good!


Naked Teas Organic Morning Cheers Hangover Tea-10g $1.37

I’m not sure which of the ingredients is so helpful that it makes your hangover go away but since I haven’t been drunk in years I’m hoping that this tastes good just to drink.

20151208_211018 20151208_211203

Almased Dietary Supplement-25g $1.67 x 2

These are a supplement that you can add to any cold liquid and drink.  It says it will increase metabolism and energy and help blood sugar and thyroid stay at healthy levels.  I’ll toss these in a smoothie and see how it goes.  I care more about taste then function honestly.


Feast Nutty Cranberry Bar

This bar is so soft!  It is gluten, lactose, and cholesterol free.  It is full of seeds and nuts and has an assortment of dried fruit mixed in as well.   This is going to be a work snack I think.

20151208_211039 20151208_211152

Ohso Probiotic Chocolates in Chocolate and Orange-98g $9.99 x 2

Okay so this has to count as a treat and not a supplement since each piece has 70 calories in it, however because it’s good for you you can still eat one peice a day and not be too concerned.  They are both gluten and nut free and have 1 billion probiotics per bar.  Each package has seven bars in it and it’s Belgian chocolate to top it off so I’ll enjoy each one.


Say Yes To No… Sour Cream & Onion Toasted Bread Chips-75g $2.99

I’m all for crispy flavoured things that make me think I’m eating what I want instead of it being something healthy and boring but it’s hard for me to stop at half a bag of something, which is what I’d need to do to not consume way too many calories eating these.  I do like sour cream & onion flavour though so I’m going to try to make this work for me.


Rock Your Skin Cacao Buddy Scrub-$18.99

This is an all natural scrub made with cacoa, honey, and olive oil plus sugar, rice and maple syrup.  It exfoliates and moisturizes and they say it smells great but I don’t want to open it up yet so I’ll trust them on that.


Urban Spa The Tough Nut Facial Buffer-$3.00

I think this is the third Uran Spa item I’ve received from them but they all have been good and I’ve liked them so keep ’em coming LLB.  This is made from ground walnut shells and will scrub you gently and make your skin glow.  I like to use these in the shower so I don’ t have to worry about cleansing after I get out.


Cal-Mag Ionic Liquid-20mL

This combo of calcium and magnesium helps with your bones and teeth.  You’re supposed to take two tablespoons daily which means this will last about two days.  Not sure if that’s enough to make a difference but I suppose some is better than none.


Duckish Lotion Stick-10g $7.00

This is an unscented lotion stick and I have never understood why you would want this.   I like lotion to be liquid personally.  This really does have no scent and is softer then the other solid lotions I’ve tried so maybe for an after bath moisturizer it will be good.

20151208_211142 20151208_211214

Me Maxeffects Eye & Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner-5mL $0.25 x 2

I have received these samples in some other box before and I think I liked them.  Anything that means I get to skip a step in my skincare routine is a good thing.  This requires no rinsing or other steps, just put onto a cotton ball and wipe your face clean.

This month’s  box had 13 samples in it.  The site is back up to normal with pricing or links to where to buy items so I was able to work out that the value is $57.17, which is one of the higher ones I’ve ever got from them. I like this box and have found a bunch of things I would never have bought that either work really well or taste good.  I tended to dismiss most products like this out of hand as not good or too tree huggerish so I’m pleasantly surprised with the items.

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