Karepax November 2015

Karepax is a monthly box that sends out an assortment of candy and comics.  They offer a bunch of plans ranging from single months or just comics to full years worth.  Plans start at $26.00 and go up from there based on what your getting and how long you sign up for.  The site currently says only shipping to the US but I have a plan and so I’m not sure if that’s true or not.  I went for the Retro package which sends out snacks, candies, comics and a cheesy DVD  each month.  I had a bit of trouble getting my box and in fact am missing what should have been my first box but they have been very helpful and quick in responding to my email concerns.  This is the first box I received and it looked like a whole bunch of fun.


I didn’t get a shot of the freshly opened box but it was crammed full.  There is no card listing your items but there is this letter and it talks about the various countries the candies are rom and let’s you know that not every box is the same.  It also talked about a  Halloween box that was available and that while they will try to send you no obvious nut items if you let them know they cannot promise there is nothing nut in each box.


These are so good and I used to buy them just at my local grocery store.  The Hello Panda cookies are filled with a few flavours but these ones are chocolate.  They have cute little sports pictures on them and I want to eat them but I will let the girls have them.


These are Bimbo Conchas.  They are a Mexican chocolate pastry.  They kind of look like a big bun but I guess that they are chocolate flavoured.  I’m not sure what these taste like and I’m a bit leery but they are soft and I’m sure very tasty.


Glico Pocky sticks are another one of those that I had bought and eaten.  These are the chocolate flavour ones but they do make a few others and all are delicious.


Next out was a Vanilla Charleston Chew.  I have eaten these but never in my life have I seen one that is so big!  Also it says to try it frozen and I can only think that would result in broken teeth.  This one is still wonderfully soft and flexible and I can only stare at it longingly.


Oh Double Bubble….so great for the five minutes before your jaw locks up trying to chew it.  This is another one that I didn’t realize came in such a large size.  Normally I only see this gum around Halloween and it’s single pieces.


These are Parle 20-20 Butter Cookies.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  They have a cricket player on them and say they are the “Choice Of Champions”.  My hubby loves cookies that are not sweet so I’m thinking these will be a hit for him.


Sina Orange Ginger Chews are in here too and they are a bunch of individually wrapped soft chews in this box.  I gave one a try and the first taste is all orange but then the ginger kicks in and they are a little spicy.  My tongue is tingling.  Good though.


These are Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks.  I have never understood why anyone wants to eat wax.  You can just take the top off and drink them or eat the whole thing.  I don’t get it.


Also from Parle we have some more cookies.  Fab! Orange Flavoured Choco Chip Sandwich Cookies.  This combo looks delicious and I think they will go over here well, like the other cookies.


This is a Mangosteen Pudding cup and I’ve seen these in the stores but I’ve never tried one.  It looks a bit Jell-o like in texture.


These are an American candy that I’ve never seen here but have seen recipes that call for them.  They are a pressed sugar disc and are probably not something I would normally eat anyways but that’s the fun of this type of box.


This is the collection of small candies they promise to include.  A bunch of them don’t have english names but short of the ones that say coffee flavoured I’m thinking I’ll like them.


Hi-Chew Green Apple Fruit Chews were also in there and while I’ve never had this flavour I have eaten these before and like them.


The last candy item is Pop Rocks Pumpkin Patch Orange.  They are a mix of orange and green candy and I’m not sure if they are pumpkin flavoured but I think that would be gross.


My DVD for the month is Disc 5 of Sci-Fi Classics.  This is a double sided DVD and has four episodes of Hercules.  I’m thinking the 60’s live action version.  I’m sure it’s horrible and I love it.


With the Retro pack you get double the comics in each box.  The first one is a smaller comic, Plants vs. Zombies.

20151127_100231 20151127_100323 20151127_100313 20151127_100304

These four seem to be new comics.  I haven’t read a comic in years so I have no idea what’s good or not.  I’ll read anything though and I can pass these on to Hubs to take to work when I’m done or maybe save them up and give them to my brother as a gift…..

20151127_100254 20151127_100243

These last two are what I remember comics being like. Newsprint and a glossy cover.  These ones are from 1975 and 1989 respectively and look as cheesy as I could ever want them to be.

For my first box I’m happy.  I’m now waiting for the next one and hope it gets here soon.  They can’t offer me tracking because it’s to Canada but they ship out around the 27th of each month and it can take anywhere from 3-12 days to arrive.  With the crazy shipping of Xmas going on I’ll give them a bit more before wondering where it is.


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