Advent Calendars Day 17

Well it is evening but it is the correct day so that’s excellent.  I’m almost on holidays and getting excited for Xmas and these little gifts on the way just keep that up.


First up today we have Selfridges and and provided Ole Henrikson Truth Serum.  This is an all skin types collagen booster and vitamin c complex.  I for some reason tend to have a little bit of a reaction to vitamin c serums.  The two other ones I’ve tried cause me to get hives and then my skin just turns all flaky and dry.  I will do a tensy little test patch of this one before I go full face and hope for the best.


The FaceShop went back to some makeup today and gave me Freshian Volumizing Mascara.  This is full sized and black so that makes it perfect.


Just because that’s the way life works LookFantastic also sent a mascara.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash in Black.  I really do have enough mascara now to get me through a year but I enjoy Rimmel makeup and am happy with this.


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